Moby Dick Vocabulary

  1. Insular
    relating to an island
  2. Perdition
    eternal damnation; hell
  3. Providence
    divine guidance; God
  4. Packet
    passenger boat carrying maik and cargo on a regular schedule
  5. Portentous
    eliciting wonder; weighty
  6. Leviathan
    sea monster or large sea animal
  7. Sojourn
    a temporary stay
  8. Attant(est)
  9. Abominate
    to abhor; to loathe intensely
  10. Idolator
    worshipper of idols
  11. Sundry
  12. Toilet
    process of dressing and grooming oneself
  13. Eschew
    to avoid habitually
  14. Stalwart
    (adj.) strong; (n) an unwavering person
  15. Dandy
    a man who gives exaggerated attention to dress
  16. Doleful
    cheerless; expressing grief
  17. Lees
    sediment of liquor; dregs
  18. Lee
    side sheltered from wind
  19. Cenotaph
    a tomb or marker for person(s) buried elsewhere
  20. Parricide
    murder or murderer of parent or close relative
  21. Oscillate
    swing; vary
  22. Annihilation
    destruction; nullification
  23. Swarthy
    of dark color
  24. Inexorable
  25. Dyspeptic
    showing sour disposition
  26. (in) lieu (of)
    instead of
  27. Scepter
    staff or baton signifying royalty
  28. Magnanimity
  29. Prodigious
    enormous; extraordinary in degree
  30. Brine
    salt water
  31. Quahog
    a kind of American clam
  32. Trypot
    pot used for rendering oil from blubber
  33. (by) dint (of)
    because of
  34. Sagacity
    wisdom; shrewdness
  35. Liturgy
    rites of public worship
  36. Bulwarks
    side of ship above upper deck
  37. Apex
    summit; highest point
  38. Squall
    sudden, violent wind; storm
  39. Anomalous
    irregular; deviating from norm
  40. Audacious
    rash; insolent
  41. Unmitigated
  42. Indolence
  43. Lay
    a share of profit
  44. Apoplexy
    a stroke
  45. Ramadan
    month of fasting from dawn to sunset (Islam)
  46. Appellative
    relating to giving of names
  47. Lumbered
  48. Capstan
    a machine for moving or raising heavy weights
  49. Windlass
    any of various machines for hoisting or hauling
  50. Vernal
    relating to spring
  51. Fruition
    accomplishment; realization
  52. Vicissitudes
    natural changes
  53. Pugnacious
    combative; belligerent
  54. Preternatural
    extraordinary; unexplainable
  55. Auger
    tool for boring holes
  56. Deprecating
    expressing mild disapproval
  57. Binnacle
    a housing for ship's compass and a lamp
  58. Deferential
    very respectful
  59. Abstemious
    temperate; moderate in eating and drinking
  60. Baronial
    fit for a baron
  61. Razee
    a wooden ship with the upper deck cut away
  62. Malignity
  63. Morbid
    diseased; gruesome
  64. Apparition
  65. Ubiquitous
    present everywhere
  66. Credulous
    believing too easily
  67. Intrepid
    fearless; courageous
  68. Unwonted
  69. Consternation
    sudden confusion or dismay
  70. Infernal
    relating to hell; damnation
  71. Curds
    coagulated parts of milk
  72. Monomania
    obsessive concentration on one idea
  73. Dismemberment
    cutting off of the limbs
  74. Corporeal
    pertaining to the body
  75. Unabated
    not lessened
  76. Trepidation
    in fear or dread
  77. Elusive
    slipping away from one's grasp
  78. Pallor
    extreme paleness
  79. Emblazoned
    ornamented richly
  80. Deify
    to make into a god
  81. Infallible
    incapable of error
  82. Reverie (also revery)
    dreamy contemplation
  83. Inveterate
    firmly established in habit
  84. Desperado
    a desperate, dangerous criminal
  85. Vacuity
  86. Perfidious
  87. Capricious
    subject to whim; fickle
  88. Ostensible
    said to be; so-called
  89. Illimitable
    without limit
  90. Ostentatious
    given to pretentious display
  91. Stiletto
    small dagger with then, tapering blade
  92. Hapless
    luckless; unfortunate
  93. Abatement
  94. Eddy
    small backward current
  95. Vehement
    intense; forceful
  96. Shrouds
    ropes from ship's side to masthead
  97. Quiescence
    quietness; stillness
  98. Tumultous
    greatly agitated; stormy
  99. Decapitation
  100. Ardor
    great intensity of passion or desire
  101. Missive
  102. Peremptorily
    not able to be denied or delayed
  103. Interregnum
    interval; break or pause
  104. Plurality
    of great number
  105. Obsequious
    showing too great a willingness to serve; fawning
  106. Cupidity
  107. Ponderous
    very heavy
  108. Plethoric
    overly full; excessive
  109. Misanthrope
    one who hates or distrusts all people
  110. Vermillion
    bright red or scarlet
  111. Compunctions
    remorse; regret
  112. Corpusants
    (corpo santo) St. Elmo's fire; glowing balls of electrical energy appearing among the spars of a ship
  113. Pertinacious
    holding firmly to some purpose
  114. Prescience
    apparent knowledge of things before they happen
  115. Evanescence
    a vapor-like quality
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