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  1. What type of cortext is the primary motor cortex?
    V: agranular Heterotypical
  2. What two tracts make up the primary motor cortex?
    Corticospinal and corticonuclear
  3. What cells within the cortex supply the primary motor cortex?
  4. What type of signs can will be seen from damage to the primary motor cortex: Upper or Lower motor neuron
    • Upper
    • - hypertonicity
    • - hyperreflexia
    • - spastic paralysis
    • - no atrophy
  5. What cortexes provide Ready, Set, Go?
    • Ready: supplmental motor cortex
    • Set: premotor cortex
    • Go: primary motor cortex
  6. Is the premotor cortex sensory or memory guided?
  7. What is the main job of the supplementary motor cortex?
    Plan movement (especially hands)
  8. What is the job of the parietal motor cortex?
    Plan for a 3D space to get objects
  9. What do areas 5 and 7 of the parietal motor cortex signal?
    • area 5:arm projection
    • area 7: hand-eye coordination when reaching out
  10. What is the job of the cingulate motor cortex?
  11. What brodeman areas make up the cingulate motor cortex?
    32 and 24
  12. What movments are primarily controlled from the primary motor cortex?
    Hands and Legs (look at humunculus around MCA and ACA areas)
  13. What are the main synapse points and functions of the corticospinal tract?
    • excitable interneurons
    • Flexion (although some are involved in withdrawal reflex, etc...)
  14. What is clonus?
    • Cause by hyperreflexia
    • When achilles tendon is stretched the ankle ratchets b/t flexion and extension
  15. What is a pathalogic reflex of damage to the corticospinal tract?
    • Babinski sign
    • **when bottom of foot is rubbed, hallux dorsiflexes
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