1. what is psychodynamics?
    someone born with qualities that make it difficult to change?
  2. herbart wanted to be a scientist of the ?
  3. herbart was impressed with
    scientific revolution
  4. harbart said the mystery if the mind is a lack of
  5. harbart argued that there is gravity in the
  6. law of conflict?
    some ideas conflict with eachother.
  7. stronger idea always
  8. there are ? threshholds in our mind. what r they?
    2. absolute and mechanical
  9. absolute threshold
    aware of and consious. can effect your behaviors.
  10. mechanical thresholds
    any idea below consiousness your not aware of. so far down the idea cannot influence or effect you.
  11. any idea above mechanical but below absolute can effect you but your
    not aware
  12. danger zone?
    not aware but can effect our behavior
  13. dynamic interaction and flow of ideas
    ideas are able to move up and down
  14. valuable incomplete views of unconsiousness?
    where do these ideas come from and how to fight these ideas and deal with these emotions
  15. freud believed every person has how many personalities that there born with?
  16. pleasure principle?
    • maximize pleasure
    • minimize pain
  17. ID doesnt see behond
    2 seconds
  18. what is pleasure?
    release of tension
  19. freud believed greatest pleasure is
    sexual orgasm
  20. aggresion comes in
    2nd place of release of tension
  21. all people are
  22. most people, most of the time are controlled by the
  23. EGO?
    rational mind, when your being logical
  24. your ego looks behond
    1 or 2 seconds
  25. EGO ideas feel good but idea will be
  26. super ego began as people ?
    multiplied and started living in groups
  27. super ego represents the
    morale of your society and sets of rules
  28. super ego makes us think we should do and not do things based on what the
    society prefers
  29. conscience?
    punishes you and makes you feel guilty
  30. ego ideals
    pats you on the back, allows you to feel proud
  31. super egos common mistake is that it is the best
    part of you
  32. super ego makes you feel guilt about things you shouldnt
    feel bad about
  33. humans tend to be
  34. defense mechanism?
    fool ourself to get out of feelings of anxiety
  35. repression?
    selective forgetting, things you dont want to think about to avoid tension
  36. projection?
    project evil motives to someone else such as boyfriend accusing girlfriend of cheating when hes the one cheating
  37. rationalization?
    faulty thinking- letting ID do what it wants, hard to see for yourself
  38. reaction formation?
    reduce anxiety by acting oppositly such as treating someone you strongly dislike in an excessivly friendly manner
  39. displacement
    taking your anger and frustation out on people that are less defensive. venting
  40. maladaptive
    do or thinking something that hurts you
  41. some problems start early
    in life
  42. oral stage 0-1 years?
    childs biggest sexual organ is mouth
  43. oral fixation example?
    smoking just to put something in your mouth
  44. anal fixation?
    excessivly messy, late to work, neat freak
  45. phalic stage?
    4-7 interested in genitals
  46. Oedipal complex? subconsiusly boys and girls develope an attraction for their
    mom and dad
  47. mental illness all forms are coming out of
  48. anxiety disorder key symptoms
    phobia, irrational fear, seek help
  49. free floating anxiety
    anxiety changes today im suddenly afraid of flying but in a couple of days i wont be
  50. GAD generalized anxiety disorder
    if you have a logical cause to feel anxiety its not GAD
  51. post traumatic stress disorder?
    intense feelings of fear after traumatic event
  52. someones becomes apathetic (no emotion) when
    they dont talk about trauma
  53. somatoform disroder?
    a persons mental illness is converted into a physical problem to release tension
  54. psychological amnesia
    sudden loss of memory
  55. psychogenic fugue?
    rare amnesia reversible loss of identity, wandering and starting new life
  56. multiple personalities?
    more than 1 person in same body.
  57. does multiple personalities exhist?
    country without media of MP never had 1 case of MP
  58. multiple personality begins with a conflict between
    Id and super ego
  59. people with mental disorders see a
  60. hallucinations?
    seeing something or hear something that does not have a external source
  61. dillusions
    espressing beliefs that are not real
  62. cognitive flooding
    being exsposed (flooded) with the fear that they have exsperienced trauma with
  63. mood symptoms
    common to bipolar- mood swings up and down
  64. functioning
    deciding what information is relevant
  65. disorganized schizophrenic
    in which a person loses touch with reality (psychosis). Disorganized schizophrenia is marked by thoughts, speech and behavior that are inappropriate and don't make sense.
  66. catatonic schizophenic
    in which a person loses touch with reality (psychosis). Catatonic schizophrenia includes episodes of behavior at extreme opposite ends of the spectrum. You may seem like you're in coma-like daze — unable to speak, move or respond — or you may talk and behave in a bizarre, hyperactive way.
  67. paranoid schizophrenic
    The classic features of paranoid schizophrenia are having delusions and hearing things that aren't real.With paranoid schizophrenia, your ability to think and function in daily life may be better than with other types of schizophrenia. You may not have as many problems with memory, concentration or dulled emotions. Still, paranoid schizophrenia is a serious, lifelong condition that can lead to many complications, including suicidal behavior.
  68. indifferentiated schizophrenic
    marked by severely impaired thinking, emotions, and behaviors. Schizophrenic patients are typically unable to filter sensory stimuli and may have enhanced perceptions of sounds, colors, and other features of their environment.
  69. consiousness
    contact with outside world
  70. mind is like an iceberg only
    10% is visible
  71. resistance disguises
    • dreams
    • repetive complusion
    • joke
    • pick a fight
  72. joseph breuer?
    laid foundation of psychoanalysis
  73. talking method
    method joseph breuer used on anna o to remove hysterical symptoms she jokingly called chimney sweeping
  74. freud drew the consequences for josephs
  75. freudian slip?
    slip of tongue revealing a repressed subconsious thought or desire
  76. it can be long term before revealing issues of
    the persons unconsioness
  77. transference?
    innaporpriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person's childhood."[1] Another definition is "the redirection of feelings and desires and especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood toward a new object."[2] Still another definition is "a reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences,
  78. freud called dreams symbols the
    royal road to force of the unconsioness
  79. counter-transferance
    therapist, during the course of therapy, develops positive or negative feelings toward the patient. These feelings may be the therapist's unconscious feelings that are stirred up during therapy which the therapist directs toward the patient
  80. the goal of therapy is to
    allow the patient to incorporate the missing self object functions that he needs into his internal psychic structure
  81. insight puts the
    ego in charge
  82. freuds clinical development?
    • everyone goes through psychosexual stages
    • interference between stages can have a lifelong influence on personality and behavior
  83. R- Complex
    reptilian brain associated with aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays.
  84. prime directive?
  85. medulla
    The medulla is primarily responsible for breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and coughing
  86. cerebellum
    this part of the brain is responsible for a number of functions including motor skills such as balance, coordination, and posture as well as eye movement. fine motor skills, typing
  87. RAS
    series of fibers that focus attention, determines what you focus on
  88. RAS automatically focs's on new
  89. RAS wakes
    you up
  90. thalmus?
    relay station, routes information to specific part of brain
  91. instinctual behaviors
    baby auto nurses or automatic territoritory boundaries
  92. FADS
    repeated behaviors, such as a saying "dont get mad, get glad"
  93. R complex runs by internal programs that give
    quick responses
  94. weakness of r complex
    lack of flexibility, cant change
  95. second brain is the
    limbic system
  96. limbic system
    brain of a higher animal such as dolphin
  97. keep self and other members of species alive
    members of family and friends, dogs care about pups
  98. hypothalmus
    exstremly powerful and produces a great deal of emotional drive
  99. the hypothalmus is a enhancement of
    keeping you alive
  100. limbic epilepsy?
    storm of electrical in brain, illogical thoughts
  101. hypothalmus causes you
    • to be extremly thirsty
    • sex and aggression
  102. sex and aggression links
    you can arrouse sex and aggression at the same time
  103. fuck you
    sex and aggression linked shows great anger through sexual terms giving the finger of erect penis
  104. limbic brain is also called the
    nose brain, strongly connected with smell
  105. neo cortex
    most quality, moderate computer
  106. life preservation is on every
    level of the brain
  107. species altruism
    keeping other members of species alive
  108. your genes do not determine
    the flexibility of your freedom of choice
  109. left and right hemisphere are connected by the
    corpus closum
  110. the corpus closum
    sends signals to communicate with eachother
  111. left brain?
    logical, ability to anticipate the future
  112. the left brain is the speech
    center in most people, language, math
  113. pattern user?
    kinda like computer, load a pattern and it will be good at it
  114. the left brain has the most
  115. society is geared toward
    left brain
  116. right brain?
    mystical and uncivilized
  117. the right brain is very
    visual, emotional
  118. right brain is connected to the
    limbic, ability to read emotion
  119. right brain is the ability to perform
  120. right brain is a patern seeker?
    very creative, see new patterns
  121. right brain feels
  122. brain interaction
    all 4 brains our sending info trying to influence you
  123. thalmus decides whether something is
    good or bad
  124. cerebellum maintains
    equillibrium, balance
  125. medulla?
    breathing, heartbeat, waking, sleeping
  126. cortex is the
    higher brain
  127. women and there left brain are the best
  128. men tend to be more
    left brain
  129. guys look at emotion
  130. women are developed more
    emotionally in right brain
  131. brains response to injury
    able to reprogram itself
  132. higher brain is very
  133. lower brain does not
    reprogram itself
  134. parts of higher brain can
    sub in for lower
  135. younger the patient is upon injury the
  136. left side of brain controls
    right side of body
  137. epilepsy?
    limbic brains electrical storm seen in higher brain
  138. two researchers cut corpus closum of elilepsy patient?
    patient got better, met attractive doctor shook hands with left hand and right hand uncontrolably ripped cloths off the woman
  139. there is no signifigant difference between a
    nomal and split brain person
  140. because brains are connected we fight the
    conflict in our head, split brain people fight conflict outside
  141. split brain is more
  142. left brain and right brain can cheat during
    a exsperiment to test whether brains are connected such as tapping arm on shoulder with other arm
  143. left brain can be mad at someone and not
    the right brain
  144. neglect syndrom?
    rare when a person has a injury to right brain, neglect left side of body
  145. studies suggest there may be
    2 of us in 1 body
  146. to help us survive we see ourself as 1
  147. bi polar is
    overdiagnosed but people with extreme mood swings
  148. depression
    way down, stay in bed for days
  149. its rare for a person to kill themself when
    the hit rock bottom, its when they are starting to feel better but still not good enough
  150. left brain is pattern user in a dominance
  151. human brain is skilled
    at change and flexible
  152. another name for bipolar is
  153. existentialism
    is a term applied to the work of a number of philosophers since the 19th century who, despite large differences in their positions,[1][2] generally focused on the condition of human existence, and an individual's emotions, actions, responsibilities, and thoughts, or the meaning or purpose of life.
  154. kierkegaards
    focused on subjecive human exspeience and escaping boredom and purpose in life, freedom of choice
  155. kerkegarrd believed humans exhist in the anticipation of
  156. keirkegaard had a terrible secret that instead of revealing he
    broke up with his future wife regina olson, sacrafice of love
  157. keirkegaard leap of faith?
    to have faith in something you also have to have doubt. doubt is the rational part of your self that weighs evidence
  158. aesthetic?
    appreciation and creation of beauty, critical reflection on art nature and culture
  159. eithical
    moral responsiblity, marriage, critical reflection
  160. religious stage?
    suffering is inherent to the religous exspeiment.indivudual becomes more aware of his or her objective uncertainty
  161. friedrich nietzshe
    health problems personality problems
  162. friedrich nietzsche believed all human
    are connected
  163. freidrich
    the srongest have their moments of fatigue
  164. dionysian?
    creative intuitive power fate
  165. apollonian
    unjust and chaotic critical reasoning
  166. master morality
    Whatever a master commands becomes good from the mere fact that the master commands it. The weak sheep have a morality of obedience and conformity. Masters have a natural right to do whatever they please, for since there is no God, everything is permissible.
  167. slave morality
    slave morality which weighs actions on a scale of good or evil intentions
  168. common herd
    standard morals
  169. nietzsche believed in diagnoisis over
  170. death of god
    god is dead under the blood of our knives
  171. overman
    risk all for the sake of the others. establish morals and influences lives of others
  172. jean paul sarte was a
    atheist and drafted into world war 2
  173. human condition is dominated by
    irrationality of particular projects
  174. being for itself
    described as incompletness and potency. absence of a creator leaves man without a predefined nature
  175. being in itself
    having no reason for being
  176. bad faith
    the habit that people have of deceiving themselves into thinking that they do not have the freedom to make choices for fear of the potential consequences of making a choice. By sticking with the safe, easy, default ‘choice’ and failing to recognise the multitude of other choices that are available to him, a person places himself at the mercy of the circumstances in which he happens to find himself.
  177. inauthentic existence
    as a way to avoid the paradoxical problem of appearing to provide prescriptions for a mode of living that rejects external dictates
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