Neuro #28 reflexes and spindles.txt

  1. Which are easier to activate, small or large motor units? Why?
    Small b/c their threshhold is lower
  2. Which has a higher threshhold, spindles or golgi tendon organs?
    Golgi tendon organs (which is why it is the last player in reflexes)
  3. What is autogenic inhibition?
    • Golgi tendon organ
    • Signal from 1b fibers that synapse on interferons
    • Inhibition of Alpha motor activation
  4. What is the withdrawal reflex?
    • When a painful sensory stimulus is acquired
    • Sensory nerve signals interneurons to synapse on alpha motor neurons
    • Both excitatory and inhibitory synapses occur
  5. What is the crossed extension reflex?
    • Same painful stimulus crosses SC and synapses on interneurons
    • Interneurons synapse on excitatory and inhibitory alpha motor neurons
    • Excitatory: extensors excited
    • Inhibitory: flexors inhibited

    **Goal is to maintain balance with one leg while the other is moving away from painful stimulus
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Neuro #28 reflexes and spindles.txt
Neuro #28 reflexes and spindles