International Business

  1. brain drain
    The loss by a country of its most intelligent and best-educated people
  2. child labor
    The labor of children below 16 years of age who are forced to work in production and usually are given little or no formal education
  3. collective bargaining
    The process in which a union represents the interests of a bargaining unit (which sometimes includes both union members and nonmembers) in negotiations with management
  4. guest workers
    People who go to a foreign country legally to perform certain types of jobs
  5. labor market
    The pool of available potential employees with the necessary skills within commuting distance from an employer
  6. labor mobility
    The movement of people from country to country or area to area to get jobs
  7. labor quality
    The number of available employees with the skills required to meet an employer’s business needs
  8. labor unions
    Organizations of workers
  9. minorities
    A relatively smaller number of people identified by race, religion, or national origin who live among a larger majority
  10. traditional societies
    Tribal peoples before they turn to organized agriculture or industry; traditional customs may linger after the economy changes
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