CRT Review

  1. how do you calculate total flow output
    add the ratio parts together and multiply by liter flow
  2. what should you do if the patients fio2 doesn't reverse the hypoxemia from 60%? and theres no choice of increasing to 70%?
    place the pt on CPAP
  3. to best determine the severity of smoke inhalation, use
  4. a 3 year old generally tolerates which type of o2 delivery
    oxy tent
  5. ability of the pt to follow instructions would be indicated by
    performance of tasks when asked
  6. best diagnostic test to determine wheter a pulm embolism is present
    v/q lung scan
  7. to increase a pt's alveolar min vent, the __ must be increased
  8. failure to hyperoxygenate a pt on a vent before et suctioning may result in
    • hypoxemia
    • bradycardia
  9. most reliable method of determining wheter a mech vent pt's lungs are getting stiffer and harder to ventilate is by measuring
    static compliance
  10. after attaching the regulator to the E cylinder, gas is heard leaking from the cylinder, what should be done?
    • tighten all connections
    • replace the washer btwn the cylinder and regulator connections
  11. if not properly cleaned, which humidifier is most likely to contaminate a pt's airway w/ bacteria
    heated jet nebulizer
  12. a baffle is used on a neb to
    break the aerosol into smaller particles
  13. advantage of low pressure, high vol ET tube cuffs include
    less occlusion to tracheal blood flow
  14. tracheal secretions tend to dry out in an intubated pt when inspired air has which characteristics
    • absolute humidity of 24 mg/l of gas
    • relative humidity of 100% at 25 centigrade
  15. important to monitor airway pressure on a mech vent pt bc it best reflects
    lung compliance
  16. which resp stimulant will help prevent apneic spells
    theophylline (aminophylline)
  17. et tube cuff pressure should not exceed below
    • 20 mm hg
    • 25 cmh20
  18. inspiratory stridor is the major clinical sign of
    glottic edema
  19. what adjustments to make to increase mean airway pressure
    • inc press limit
    • ins time
  20. administration of high o2 concentrations to a neonate for a prolonged period of time may resuly in
    • atelectasis
    • retinopathy of prematurity
  21. what is the equation to determine cylinder duration
    cylinder pressure x E (.28) H (3) / liter flow
  22. thorpe tube flowmeters needle valve is located
    proximal to the thorpe tube
  23. MIP must be at least
    20 cm h20
  24. t-piece (briggs adapter) setup falls off, it may result in
    • fio2 decrease
    • pt would entrain room air during inspiration
  25. use of the ins plateau setting on a vent results in
    • inc diffusion of gases
    • dec atelectasis
  26. COPD pt is complaining of SOB, change o2 delivery to
    air entrainment mask 25-35%
  27. which device would be most indicated in the treatment of a patient with large amts of thick secretions
    ultrasonic neb
  28. P(A-a)02 calculations
    (747-47) x fio2 - (paco2 +10)

    ans= PAO2

    **subtract with Pao2
  29. if the CO2 detector is reading near zero then the tube is in the
  30. heavy smokers commonly have HbCO levels as high as
  31. when decreasing pt fio2, which would you decrease first?
    fio2 if its >60% then decrease peep after 60%
  32. cardioversion levels of jules
    25-100 J
  33. which could inc to correct acid base abnormality
    • simv rate
    • vt
  34. if a leak on the ett is still heard after a large amt of air is placed in the cuff then the
    outside diameter of the ET tube is too SMALL
  35. how do you calculate a pt alveolar min ventilation
    (vt-vd) f

    vd= pt lbs
  36. pt's pao2 increases after being placed on a vent at 21%. what accounts for the improved oxygenation status
    inc distribution of ventilation
  37. how do you observe a optimal peep
    look at the PVO2 and watch for a strange drop after a few increase
  38. IPPB- if the machine repeatedly cucles on shortly after the pt has begun expiration, you must adjust
    sensitivity control
  39. what airway changes will affect the delivered vt on a pressure limited ventilator
    • dec lung comp
    • inc lung comp
    • inc airway resistance
  40. COPD pt on a 50% air entrainment mask becomes drowsy and unresponsive. the pt's reactiong most likely is the result of
    increased paco2
  41. if you kink the o2 tubing and the humidifier produces a high pitched whistling sound then that indicates that
    there are no leaks in the setup
  42. pft- dec volumes and capacities and normal flow studies

    obstructive studies- inc vol and capacities

    should select a disorder that is not common
    pulm fibrosis
  43. if you are asked to deliver a low percentage o2 to a pt with a rr of 30/min with a irregular breathing, you should give which device
    venturi mask at 28%
  44. i:e ratio calculations
    ins flow/ mv

    must get the mv calculations

    must subtract 1 from your answer to get a i:e ratio
  45. ippb can result in
    dec cardiac output
  46. breathing that is deep and rapid breathing patter is
    kussmauls respiration
  47. bacterial filter on a vent needs to be cleaned which of the cleaning methods should be done
  48. which of humidifier will deliver the highest percent of body humidity
    heated wick humidifier
  49. when performing a leak test on a vol vent, which adjustments should you make to the vent
    set the high pressure limit to its maximal level
  50. ippb- if the pt is unable to cycle the machine off, what could be done?
    • check for leak in the system
    • dec the cycling pressure to 10 cm h20
  51. when there is water in the aerosol tubing, the fio2
  52. to minimize an inc airway resistance produced by high density aerosol inhaltion, the respiratory therapist should
    use a bronchodilator in conjuction with the aerosol
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