Criminal Justice

  1. Period of history when philosophers and reformers challenged the prison tradition with new ideas about the individual is called
  2. First penitentiaries occurred in
    New York & Pennsylvania
  3. Isolation at night and then work with prisoners during the day
    Congregate system (NY)
  4. Which model makes greater use of incarceration,mandatory sentences, and strict supervision of probationers and parolees?
    Crime Control
  5. Central idea of a community corrections approached is to?
    Reintegrate them into community
  6. Jails are administered by who?
  7. Primary functions of jails are?
    Short term detain
  8. 1,4,8,14 Amendment and corrections;
    • 1st freedom of expression
    • 4th amendment taken away(search and seize)
    • 8th Cruel and unusual punishment; ask if they want to work.
    • 14th All people treated fail
  9. Due process must be followed when decisions are made about discipline of an inmate. Case law?
    Wolf v Mcdonnell
  10. Prisoners are entitled to protection of the civil rights act of 1871 according to what case law?
    Cooper v Pate
  11. Community corrections seek to keep...?
    Offenders in the community
  12. Offender return to criminal behavior after convicting is called?
  13. The conditional release of the offender into the community under supervision of the correction officials is called?
    Conditions of release
  14. World's first probation officer was?
    John Augustus
  15. If a probationer fails to abide by rules and condtions of probation, this is called a?
    Technical violation
  16. Examples of technical violations
    • Violating curfew
    • failing drug test
    • using alcohol
  17. 3 types of intermediate sanctions that can be administered by a judge are?
    • fine
    • restitution
    • forfeiture
  18. Repayment by an offender to a victim who has suffered some form of finacial loss is
  19. Probationer is ordered to report to a community correction center each day to comply with condition of sentence, is called?
    Condition of probation
  20. model of corrections that emphasizes matntaining offenders' ties to family and community is?
    Reintegration model
  21. Model of incarceration that emphasizes security and discipline and order is?
    Custodial model
  22. Correction officers rely on ___ and ___ to gain cooperation.
    Rewards and punishment
  23. Correction officers also tolerate what?
    Minor rule infractons
  24. three jobs of correctional officers;
    counsel, supervise, and protect
  25. Officer uses a level of force reasonale to protect themselves is considered?
  26. process of assigning an inmate to a category is?
  27. Conditional release of an inmate from incarceration under supervision after prison sentence has been served
  28. parole rests on three concepts;
    • Grace
    • Contract
    • Custody
  29. Who developed parole?
    Alexander Maconochie
  30. Release of inmate from prison to conditional supervision at discretion of parole board is
    Discretionary release
  31. inmate has served total sentence minus credit for good time and are released to parole for remainder is?
    Mandatory release
  32. When a suspect is sentenced to probation supervision in community, this is called?
    Probation release
  33. Lawa and rules that must be followed by parolees are called
    conditions of release
  34. Release of inmate with out any further correctional supervision is called?
    Expiration release
  35. Temporary release of inmate from a correctional institution for visit home is called
  36. Facilities for parolees to spend a portion of their day at work and place to reside in custody at night are called
    Halfway house
  37. two roles played by parole officer?
    Cop and Social Worker
  38. 3 problems with adjusting to life outside prison
    • Welfare
    • public housing
    • voting rights
    • receipt of student loans
  39. Action of executive branch excluding offense & absolving offender from consequences of crime. (Done by the President)
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