1. IVP test. Renal angiography. Peritoneal dialysis. Beta hemolytic
    streptococcus is primary cause of glomerulonephritis. Pg 930-931 Immunosuppressive
    drugs (life long) for transplants i.e. prograff (tacrolimus). Amphogel-
    antacid, also used as a phosphate binder. NO grapefruit juice with meds!!
    Lotion in a MUST for CRF and kidney pts
    and pts on hypothermia mattress to decrease temp. mattress is hard on skin. Tunnel catheter for long term and infection control non-tunnel cath for short term (few days). Tetracyclines are affective for Chlamydia. CANNOT use Tetracyclines and Azithromycin during pregnancy. Co-infections are possible with STDs, Multiple meds must be administered. Syphilis is highly treatable the one and only sign is a Chancre which eventually goes away, if Syphilis goes untreated it can be deadly. Tincture benzoin-is brown, is used to treat vaneral warts, is very sticky, can also be used with cuts they only require steri strips to hold the strips to the skin. 5-fluorouracil (5FU) used for cancers and warts.
  2. Pg 927-928
    Acute Renal Failure. Prerenal. Common cause of PRERENAL part of acute renal failure?
    Cardiovascular shock and decreased cardiac output.
  3. Pg 928
    ___________accumulation of urea

    and other nitrogenous substances; causes potential neurologic changes.
  4. Pg 928
    Diuretic Phase.
    electrolytes elevated in Kidney Diesease. BUN, creatinine, potassium, and phosphate levels are elevated in Diuretic Phase.
    What diuretic would the nurse question in

    acute renal failure?
    Aldactone (spiralactone)
  5. SATA.
    Pg 928
    S/S of END Stage Renal Disease?
    • Uremic frost
    • Osteodystrophy
    • Presence of metabolic acidosis
  6. FIB.
    ____________ is the med for ion exchange resin to remove excessive potassium?
    Sodium polystyrene sulfonate (kayexalate)
  7. Pg 930.
    Which kidney donor is preferred?
    Relative or sibling
  8. Pg 931-932
    Nursing Intervention for pt with CRF?
    Daily weights, I&O, VS, lung and heart sounds, jugular vein distention. Labs and prescribed meds.
  9. What lab test is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment?
  10. Pg 935.
    Potentional complications of peritoneal dialysis?
  11. WRITE OUT.
    Pg 887.
    Five most common STDs?
    • Chlamydia
    • Gonorrhea
    • Syphilis
    • Genital Herpes
    • Genital Warts
  12. SATA
    Pg 888
    Who do you report STDS/STIs to?
    • CDC
    • Local Public Health Agency
  13. Pg 889.
    Symptoms of Chlamydia?
    Sparse, clear urethral discharge.
  14. Pg 889
    Many woman are asymptomatic with Gonorrhea. If Nx takes a cultrue, Nx would tell the woman to come back in?
    One week
  15. Pg 889-892
    What is a S/S of Gonorrhea?
    Painful Urination
  16. Pg 895
    What comfort measure would you advise for a pt with Herpes?
    Loose fitting underwear
  17. What shows that a person understands the
    potential complication of Clamydia?
    If untreated it may become Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and may cause sterility
  18. Pg 897.
    Which person would you want to understand the importance of a yearly/annual PAP
    Women with HPV
  19. What drug routes of administration are best for
    secondary Syphilis?
    Intramuscular into the gluteus maximus (Penicillin G)
  20. Pt is crying she found out she has to have hemodialysis, what is the best Nx action?
    Sit quietly
  21. Pt who has Syphilis, when is the best time to plan their discharge?
    When admitted.
  22. What is the best infection control method?
    Proper hand washing.
  23. Pt with two prescriptions, 40mg Lasix and 40mg Furosomide
    They are the same medications.
  24. Pt with salycilate (aspirin) poisoning, what is the best type of dialysis?
    Hemo Dialyisis.
  25. Pt with arterial insufficientcy, what would the Nx tell them to avoid?
    Avoid crossing legs and ankles.
  26. Safe administration of medication, what do you do first?
    Check name band.
  27. Secrete is going to the blood; Excrete is going to the duct or an exit.
    These are the functions of the kidney except?
  28. Fluid overload
    Which specific lab test would you perform to determine fluid overload?
    Specific gravity.
  29. You just emptied the bed pan of someone in I&Os what do you do next?
    Wash your hand thoroughly
  30. Nx is collecting a specimen from a Pts indwelling catheter, what would Nx do?
    Use a sterile syringe and needle to aspirate urine.
  31. SATA.
    Select 3 Pg 896
    Nursing considerations for pt taking Tetracyclines?
    • Take on an empty stomach
    • Avoid taking antacids, iron supplements, and dairy products
    • Use sunscreen
    • Avoid using out dated drug because they are nephrotoxic.
  32. Pre-renal
    All are classifications of Acute Renal Failure, except?
    find incorrect answer.
  33. I&O Calculation Question.
    How many ounces equals a CC?
    30mL= 1 ounce
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