mod a week 3

  1. Spoken or written words
  2. spoken rather than written
  3. _______ communication conveys a strong, powerful message that may be positive or negative.

    • facial expressions: smiling
    • body language: cross arms
  4. Placing your own feelings onto another person
  5. Adopting the feelings of someone else
  6. Medical files of patients who are currently being seen by physician.
  7. Medical files for patients who have not been seen, according to the time period set up by the office policy
  8. records that are not longer needed, such as when a patient dies, but must keep the file for legal reasons
  9. Medical files of patients who have indicated that they are no longer patients or who have died.
  10. Diagnosis
    Identifying a disease through signs and symptoms
  11. Filing system which assigns an identification number to each person's name
    Numeric filing
  12. Filing system based on the letters of the alphabet
    Alphabetical filing
  13. stystem assigns a number to patients the first time they are seen or admitted to a hospital
    unit filing
  14. When files are filed sequentially
    Straight numbering filing
  15. Filed middle digit first
    Middle digit filing
  16. A word of oppostie meaning
  17. A word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term

    Example CPR, VRT, HIV
  18. one or two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses
  19. one of two or more words spelled and pronouced alike but differ in meaning
  20. one for whom or which something is or is believed to be named
  21. of or relating to spoken language or speech sounds
  22. VRT
    • voice recognition technology
    • Physician speaks into a microphone and it types up what he/she says
  23. who owes the medical records?
    The physician
  24. Pts responsibility
    • authorize any release of information
    • request copies
    • pay fees
  25. The medical Transcriptionist should not edit documents when?
    when unsure of the meaning or the intent of the statement
  26. what is a autospy also called?
    pathology report
  27. What should you do when you pull a file?
    put in divider breaker
  28. POMR
    problem oriented medical record
  29. SOAP
    Subjective, objective, assessment, plan
  30. Filing system that assigns patient a different number with each hospital visit
    Serial number filing
  31. adopting the feelings of someone else
  32. What report would a MRI be under?
  33. Easiest filing method
    straight digit filing
  34. What are alphabetical files broken into?
  35. What are characterists of the alpha z filing system?
    yellow with white stripe
  36. Always answer the phone by the ____ ring
  37. How many numbers does the numberic filing system have?
  38. You, us, them are types of what kind of speech?
  39. Closing statements
    Yours truly, sincerely
  40. What is considered registered mail?
    money, jewelry
  41. When the subject in a sentence performs the action, it can be described as_________
    active voice
  42. function to press to answer another call
  43. how often should you do check back on phone when you have a patient on hold?
    30 seconds
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