Lesson 11A

  1. (o)niisan
    older brother (outgroup or as a term of address, polite)
  2. ani
    older brother, my older brother
  3. (o)neesan
    older sister (outgroup or as a term of address, polite)
  4. ane
    older sister, my older sister
  5. au
    meet, see (a person)
  6. X ni au
    meet person X, see person X
  7. yasaii hito
    a person who is gentle, kind, nice
  8. muzukasii hito
    a person who is hard to get along with or please
  9. sore ni
    in addition, on top of that, onto that
  10. sugoi
    awful, wonderful, weird, terrific
  11. sugoku zyoozu da
    is awfully skilled
  12. bikkuri-suru
    become surprised
  13. mukoo ni ita kara
    because [he] was abroad; [he] was abroad, so...
  14. at(a)takai
    is warm
  15. suzusii
    is cool
  16. atui
    is hot
  17. samui
    is cold (weather)
  18. tumenai
    is cold (touch)
  19. at(a)takai natta kara
    because it became warm; it became warm, so...
  20. kazoku
    family, my family
  21. gokazoku
    family (outgroup, polite)
  22. issyo
  23. issyo ni suru
    do together
  24. aidea
  25. (goo)soodan-suru
    consult, talk over
  26. ato de
    later on
  27. denwa-simasu kara
    because [i] will telephone; [i] will telephone, so...
  28. omou
  29. kaette (i)ru to omou
    think that [I] will have returned; I will [already] be back, so...
  30. kaette (i)ru to omoimasu kara
    because [I] think that [I] will be back; because [I] think [I] will be back, so...
  31. doo suru?/ doo sun no?
    How will [you] act? What will [you] do?
  32. ikitai to omotte (i)ru
    [I]'ve been thinking [I]'d like to go
  33. hito-ri
    one person, alone, single
  34. hito-ri de iku
    go alone (literally "being one person")
  35. imooto/ imootosan
    younger sister
  36. otooto/ otootosan
    younger brother
  37. (go)kyoodai
    siblings, brothers and sisters
  38. huta-ri
    two people
  39. san-nin
    three people
  40. san-nin de
    being three people
  41. daroo
    (direct-style equivalent of desyoo)
  42. doo site/ naze
    Why? How come? How?
  43. itu mo
  44. osoku made
    until late
  45. kaisya
    a conference, a firm
  46. zimusyo
  47. rassyu-awaa
    rush hour
  48. iya
    unpleasant, disageeable (na noun)
  49. iya da kara da
    it's because it's unpleasant
  50. yo-nin
    four people
  51. ku-nin
    nine people
  52. nan-nin
    how many people?
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