Chief's Interview

  1. What are your long term goals with the dept.
    • Work my way up through the ranks
    • Learn to master every position to carry that particular title
    • 1st stop is Medic (whether I'm paid as a medic or not, I want the training. I want the highest level of medical training the Fire service has to offer.
  2. Why Surprise Fire Dept
    • Major dept. in a rapidly growing city
    • My community where i'm from for the last 20 years
    • When something is yours, you automatically put that extra pride into it (shoe example)
  3. How will I make a difference
    • The way I approach training
    • I train to master skills; not to only pass test
  4. What do I have to offer the dept.
    • Commitment, Dedication, & Loyalty
    • My understanding of Entitlements vs. Priveledges
    • My uunderstanding of qualities that cannot be taught (they are either in your heart or they are not)
    • I am here to continue my civic duty and to stand tall and be a representative the best way I can for my organization
  5. How will I fit in
    • Being a true team member
    • When time are tough is when the real team / family attitudes come out
    • deployment example
    • Show my work ethics
    • My motovation to be here
    • Always display a can do attitude
    • Love to come to work
  6. Priveldges vs. entitlements
    • Entitlement:
    • To get a pay check
    • Medical insurance
    • Quality training
    • Priveldge:
    • To be part of a major dept
    • Wear the crest
    • Have Surprise fire accross my back
    • To have people call on me in their time of need
    • To be a representative of the fire service
  7. Qualities that cannot be taught
    • Loyalty
    • Honor
    • Self less service
    • Intergrity
    • Character
    • Courage
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