Chapter 20

  1. superpowers
    countries whose military power is combinded with political influences
  2. Truman Doctrine
    stated that the US would proved money to contries threatend by communitst expansion
  3. Marshal Plan
    Provedes money for Europe to rebuild after war
    soviet's version of the Marshal Plan to help satellite states
  5. George Kennan
    argued for a policy of containment (plan to keep communist from explanding)
  6. Solution to the Blockade of Berlin
    Berlin Airlift
  7. Federal Republic of Germany
    West-Germany (Democratic)
  8. German Democratic Republic
    East Germany (Communist)
  9. Soviets exploded their first atomic bomb
  10. NATO
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  11. Korean War
    an attempt by the communist North Korea to take over democtratic South Korea
  12. SEATO
    South East Asia Treaty Organization
  13. CEATO
    The Central Treaty Organization
  14. Sputnik 1
    the first human-made satellite
  15. Nikita Khmshchev
    trie to take advantage of American concern over missels to solve the problemin West Berlin
  16. Because they were providing free services at home..
    Britian had to let countries of the British Empire have their indepence, so they were no longer a world power
  17. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
    Book by Alexander Solzhenitsyn about life in forced-labor camps
  18. Wladyslaw Gomulka
    Polich first secretary
  19. Imre Nagy
    Hungarian leader who declared hungary a free nation and made free election
  20. Antonin Novatny
    "Little Stalin"
  21. Dubcek
    first secretary of the communist party
  22. "Prague Spring"
    a period of happiness that broke out after Dubcek esablished reforms
  23. Charles de Gaullie
    leader of France
  24. Kontad Adenauer
    chancellor of West Germany
  25. "economic miracle"
    West Germany being prosperous under Adenauer
  26. Ludwig Erhard
    minister of finances in West Germany
  27. Willy Brandt
    mayor of West Berlin
  28. Wellfare State
    in which the gov. takes responsibility for providing citizens with services
  29. EEC
    Euopen Economic Community; common market
  30. Presidents that reienforeced the New Deal
    • Truman
    • Kennedy
    • Johnson
    • Eisenhower
  31. real wages
    the actual purchasing of income
  32. McCarthy
    created the "Red Scare"
  33. JFKs Assasination
    November 22, 1963
  34. most significant national issue
    civil rights
  35. Earl Warren
    ruled "separte education facilities are inherently unequal"
  36. consumer society
    a society preoccupide with buying goods
  37. womens liberation movement
  38. Civil RIghts Act of 1964
    put an end to segregation in the work place and public places
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