Chapter 6 Terms

  1. ceremonial marriage
    a marriage that is entered in compliance with the statutory requirements obtaining a marriage license
  2. civil union
    a same sex legal relationship in Vermont that grants the same benefits
  3. common law marriage
    the marriage of two people who have not gone through a ceremonial marriage
  4. covenant marriage
    a form of marriage that requires proof of premarital counseling
  5. curtesy
    the right of a husband to the lifetime use of all the land his deceased wife owned during the marriage
  6. donee
    the person who receives a gift
  7. donor
    the person who gives a gift
  8. dower
    the right of a widow to the lifetime use of one-third of the land her deceased husband owned during the marriage
  9. proxy marriage
    the performance of a valid marriage ceremony through agents becuz one or both of the prospective spouses are absent
  10. statute of frauds
    the requirement that certain kinds of contracts be in writing in order to be enforceable
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Chapter 6 Terms