Chapter 8

  1. Who was the first president?
    Who was his vice president?
    Who was his Sec. Of State?
    Who was the Sec. Of Treasury?
    Who was the Supreme Court Justice?
    What political party did he belong to?
    • George Washington
    • J. Adams
    • T. Jefferson
    • A. Hamilton
    • John Jay
    • Federalist
  2. Alexander Hamilton Financial Plan
    • Wanted US to develop Militarily & Economically to solidify nations finances.
    • Suggest 5 point Plan
    • -Establish credit within the U.S.
    • -Create Bank of the U.S.
    • -Tariff on all foreign goods to help develop American manufacturing and development of a natl army.
    • -Strengthen U.S. connections to Europe.
  3. (1790) T. Jefferson made deal with South.
    Bank of US and a new capitol will be established between maryland & virginia.
  4. Federalist support who and what?
    Federalist support Washington, the banking system, and trade with Great Britain.
  5. Republicans believe...
    that establishing trade with Great Britain is not the way to go.
  6. (1794) Whiskey Rebellion
    Took place where?
    Who was involved and why?
    How was it resolved?
    • Western Pennsylavania
    • Farmers rise up against taxed imposed on the production and sale of spirits.
    • Washington dispatches PN militia and leds men from the field.
  7. (1796) Elections
    Federalist Party?
    Republic Party?
    Who won?
    • John Adams & Thomas Pinckney
    • Thomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr.
    • Federalist Party wins.
  8. ___________ begins demanding bribes to resume trade with US.
    Results in _________ war at sea.
    ________ living in US begin to speak out and ignore Adams & administration.
    • France
    • Quazi
    • Immigrants from france and other countries
  9. (1798) Adam's passes the _______ and ________ Acts to...
    • Alien & Sedation
    • silence the foreign critics of the war with France.
  10. ______ Acts deport anyone who has suspitious activity.
  11. _________ Acts prosecute anyone who is involved in public assembly or publication critizing war with France.
  12. Alien & Sedition Acts...
    Violate rights.
  13. 1800 Election
    Federalist Party?
    Republican Party?
    Who won?
    • John Adams & Thomas Pinckney
    • Thomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr
    • Thomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr
  14. 1804 _____ kills _____?
    Burr kills Hamilton in a duel.
  15. 1800 Gabriel's Rebellion
    Where was it located?
    Who was involved and why?
    What happened?
    What resulted from this?
    • Virginia.
    • Slaves organized themselves and planned to kill white plantation owners and hold Gov. James Monroe hostage until freedom was granted.
    • Plot failed and 26 slaves, including Gabriel were hung.
    • American Gov't tightens the reigns of slavery and slams door of emancipation.
  16. Jefferson's Goals when he entered the White House?
    • Release all prisoners convicted under the sedition act.
    • Tries to do away with bank system but too late to do that.
    • Must accept that ties to Europe are necessary to remain economically stable.
  17. Louisana Purchase.
    What was it?
    When was it purchased and how much was it?
    Jefferson purchased the Louisana Purchase for $15 Million from France, nearly doubling the size of the US in 1802.
  18. Corp Of Discovery
    Who was in it?
    What were they set off to do?
    What was the result?
    • Louis and Clark
    • To discover an alternate route to Asia by way of Pacific Ocean.
    • Group returns with no route but news that travel westward by land is possible.
  19. Embargo Acts
    What was it?
    Why was it done?
    What was the result?
    • Cut off all American trade with foreign ports.
    • To keep US out of Napoleonic wars.
    • Battle of Wills in the Gov't.
  20. Election of 1809
    Who wins?
    James Madison
  21. Non-Intercourse Acts
    What did they do?
    What did they replace?
    • Allowed trade but not in Britain or France to harm their economies for interferrence with American Vessels.
    • Replaced the Embargo Acts
  22. Reestablishment of Embargo Acts
    Who demands we go to war and who demands we don't?
    • In response to cont'd British attacks on American Ships.
    • Henry Clay-War Hawks Demand go to war.
    • The Doves believe America is not prepared for a war against Britain and cannot win.
  23. Relations in 1812 between Native Americans began to fall apart.
    What is the outcome?
    • Tecumseh in the Mississippi Valley.
    • Refuse peace with a culture that has destroyed so many native nations.
    • Tecumseh and soldiers attack territories.
    • [Burn farms, crops, ect.]
  24. War of 1812.
    • Rumors that British encouraged Tecumseh attacks and an alliance has been formed.
    • British attacks on cargo ships.
  25. Who wrote the star-spandled banner?
    Francis Scott Key
  26. Olive Perry defeats British where?
    Lake Erie.
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