chap 13

  1. purposes that the concept " personality" serve in psychology.
    explain behavioral consistency across situstions and behavioral uniqueness in similar situations. predict future behavior
  2. Sdorow define personality
    an individuals, unique, relatively, consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving.
  3. theory
    tools useful in the prediction, control, and explanantion of behavior.
  4. theories evaluated
    more on utility than truth
  5. major theories
    psychoananlysis, behavioral(learning), phenomenology
  6. developed psychoananlysis theorie
    sigmund freud
  7. free association
    to get access to the unconscious mind
  8. conflict important in personality development?
    basic biological urges for sex and aggression/ society civilizes them
  9. eros and thanantos
    • life instint death instint
    • inward suicide
    • external aggression
  10. levels of the mind
    conscious, preconscious, unconscious
  11. what metaphor used for the mind by freud?
    like an iceberg
  12. aspects of personality
    id(birth), ego(6-8)months, super ego(5)
  13. Define anxiety
    pyschic pain
  14. defense mechanisms defend agaist anxiety
  15. two characteristics of defense mechanisms.
    no pain_-no control
  16. major defense mechanisms
    repression(most basic), projection, reaction formation, rationalization, denial, regression, sublimination
  17. trait
    a stable distinctive characteristic that is inferred from a persons behavior.
  18. type
    temperament inherited biological trait
  19. gordon allports three traits...
    cardinal, central, secondary
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