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  1. Who heard the next
    Who heard the next day that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem? / The great crowd that had come for the Feast / John 12:12
  2. Who hears the
    Who hears the bridegroom's voice? / The friend who attends him / John 3:29
  3. Who hears what
    Who hears what God says? / He who belongs to God / John 8:47
  4. Who hid himself
    Who hid himself from the crowd? / Jesus / John 12:36
  5. Who hid himself,
    Who hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds? / Jesus / John 8:59
  6. Who himself did
    Who himself did not know the Lamb of God? / John / John 1:31
  7. Who himself insisted,
    Who himself insisted, "I am the man"? / The man who had been blind / John 9:9
  8. Who honor
    Who honor the Father? / All / John 5:23
  9. Who honors
    Who honors his Father? / Jesus / John 8:49
  10. Who hurled
    Who hurled insults at the man who had been blind? / the Jews / John 9:28
  11. Who in fact
    Who in fact was it who baptized? / Not Jesus, but His disciples / John 4:2
  12. Who in turn
    Who in turn told Jesus? / Andrew and Philip / John 12:22
  13. Who inquired
    Who inquired as to the time when his son got better? /The royal official/ John 4:52
  14. Who insisted, "I
    Who insisted, "I am the man"? /the man who had been blind/ John 9:9
  15. Who insisted, "We
    Who insisted, "We have a law, and according to that law he must die, because he claimed to be the Son of God"? / the Jews / John 19:7
  16. Who intended
    Who intended to come and make Jesus king by force? / the people who had seen the miraculous sign that Jesus had done / John 6:15
  17. Who is a devil?
    Who is a devil? / One of the Twelve / John 6:70
  18. Who is a liar
    Who is a liar and the father of lies? / The devil/ John 8:44
  19. Who is a man of
    Who is a man of truth? / He who works for the honor of the one who sent him / John 7:18
  20. Who is a man who
    Who is a man who has told the Jews the truth that he heard from God? / Jesus / John 8:40
  21. Who is a robber?
    Who is a robber? / The man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way / John 10:1
  22. Who is a slave
    Who is a slave to sin? / Everyone who sins / John 8:34
  23. Who is a teacher
    Who is a teacher who has come from God? / Jesus/ John 3:2
  24. Who is a thief
    Who is a thief and a robber? / The man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way / John 10:1
  25. Who is a true
    Who is a true Israelite, in whom there is nothing false? / Nathanael / John 1:47
  26. Who is above
    Who is above all? / The one comes from above [OR the one who comes from heaven] / John 3:31
  27. Who is always
    Who is always at his work to this very day? / Jesus' Father / John 5:17
  28. Who is angry
    Who is angry with Jesus for healing the whole man on the Sabbath? / The crowd / John 7:23
  29. Who is another
    Who is another Counselor to be with the disciples forever? / The Spirit of Truth / John 14:16-17
  30. Who is appearing
    Who is appearing as his own witness? / Jesus / John 8:13
  31. Who is asking
    Who is asking for Mary? / The Teacher / John 11:28
  32. Who is at
    Who is at the Father's side? / God the One and Only / John 1:18
  33. Who is bringing
    Who is bringing Jesus out to the Jews to let them know that he finds no basis for a charge against Jesus? / Pilate / John 19:4
  34. Who is called
    Who is called "Christ"? / Messiah / John 4:25
  35. Who is coming back
    Who is coming back to his disciples? / Jesus / John 14:28
  36. Who is coming to
    Who is coming to the Father now? / Jesus / John 17:13
  37. Who is coming, seated
    Who is coming, seated on a donkey's colt? / The Daughter of Zion's king / John 12:15
  38. Who is doing his
    Who is doing his work? / It is the Father, living in Jesus, who is doing his work / John 14:10
  39. Who is doing the
    Who is doing the very work that the Father has given him to finish? / Jesus / John 5:36
  40. Who is from
    Who is from above? / Jesus / John 8:23
  41. Who is full
    Who is full of joy when he hears the bridegroom's voice? / The friend who attends the bridegroom / John 3:29
  42. Who is glad
    Who is glad he was not there for your sake? / Jesus / John 11:15
  43. Who is glorified
    Who is glorified in the Son of Man? / God / John 13:31
  44. Who is going away
    Who is going away and coming back to his disciples? / Jesus / John 14:28
  45. Who is going away?
    Who is going away? / Jesus / John 8:21
  46. Who is going back
    Who is going back to the Father? / Jesus / John 16:28
  47. Who is going out
    Who is going out to fish? / Simon Peter / John 21:3
  48. Who is going there
    Who is going there to wake Lazarus up? / Jesus / John 11:11
  49. Who is going to have
    Who is going to have the light just a little while longer? / The crowd / John 12:35
  50. Who is going to him
    Who is going to him who sent him? / Jesus / John 16:5
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