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  1. Ayers: 2005 (2-21)
    Neo liberal ideology in CC mission statements
  2. Baldridge, 1999 (2-21)
    A memo from Machiavelli: Suggestions fot the process of making organizational changed
  3. Morgan 1997 (2-21)
    Workers are dominated by organizations, and are unable to fight back due to lack of capital and other reasons.
  4. Boleman 2003Reframing Orgs
    Boleman believes that there are 4 ways to view an org-Structural Frame-HR frame-Political Frame-Symbolic Frame
  5. Peterson 2007Study of Colleges as Orgs
    Prior to 1950''s colleges viewed themselves as closed systems.After 1950''s colleges became concerned with environment and became open.These changes probably due to GI Bill and 1950 Truman Report on HED
  6. Tierney 1988 Org Culture in HED
    The more you understand the culture the more you can change it and survive in it.Cultures and Missions more visible at small schoolsChuck Thought: Relates to Sagas....
  7. Weick 1976Educational Orgs as Loosely Coupled Systems
    Inputs are most noticed by the departments that receive them 1st and are then translated through time to others in loosely coupled systems. Loose coupling is like cable tv being piped into 6 rooms. People get different feeds and generate different outputs based off of their relation to the input source. Management is to act as a buffer between the technical areas and the environment.
  8. Birnbaum 1988Chapter 1-3
    US HED is the envy of the world in that it is highly effectiveOnly clear goals are teaching, research and service. Accountability measures in other areas are often innappropriateFaculty have the power regarding curriculum and academic appointments
  9. Birnbaum 1988Chapter 9
    Cybernetics-within complex systems, systems become subsystems of a collective. Its regulating, controlling across multiple systems (aka departments). The systems have to interact with each other. Sometimes they are controlled and other times they may not be.Looping- The environment changes which creates an effect on a university which generates a variable, then a sensing unit measures the variable to see if the outcome is being achieved, then a controlling unit makes changes which then create an effect at the university.
  10. Birnbaum 1988Pres Searches
    Pres Searches are like datingWho is on the search committee signifies what is important to the university. Universities select presidents who have the same values as the univ.
  11. Pfeffer 1976Ambiguity of Leadership
    Presidents symbolically sail the ship.Presidents signify legitimacyLeadership has an ambiguous definition
  12. Clark 1972Org Saga
    Big universirsities don''t have a saga that lasts.Departments can have sagas.Saga''s indicate identity.
  13. Rhoades 2000 Who''s doin it Right
    3 Myths1. No change occurs without managerial initiative2. Managers focus fragmented academic units and loyalties3. They rationalize budgeting and planningHow it is1. Managers are better persuaders, observers, facilitators not white knights. Create conditions for change to occur but don''t force change.
  14. Ayers 2005Neoliberal Ideology
    Neoliberal ideology makes community colleges make students servents to society. Cooling out- students are advised out of attending 4 year institutions contrary to what they want. Think Critical Theory (serving elite) vs. Functional Theory (we need people to do)Learning is market driven
  15. Morgan 1997The Ugly Face
    Orgs suck out the fruit of your labor and throw out the peel.Industrialization turned workers into units and dehumanized them. Manager’s make these units as productive as possible.Laborers lack agency (the ability to act and that action making change)
  16. Baldridge 1999Machiavelli
    To maintain power it is important for leaders to- Control the agenda- Set up committees- Change is dangerous
  17. Mars and Rhoades (in press)Socially-Oriented student
    Immediate(student activism) vs lasting social change.Student activism raises awareness but doesn''t create lasting change.This article showed that the millitant change created from Rhoads (1998) didn''t last.Social Entreprenuership- Using capital from the University (or anywhere) to make social change.Protest at prestigous universities will be more impactful.
  18. Baez 2000Race Related Service
    Faculty of color are more likely to do service.Doing service makes you less likely to get tenure.Since they did service they have less agency.
  19. Acker 1990 Hierarchies, Jobs, Bodies
    Hierarchies are genderedEven when men move into feminine fields they still climb the hierarchyOrganizational logics are used to justify mens and womens pay and place in the hierarchies.Org Logic- Underlying assumptions and practices that creates values that in turn shape decision making.
  20. Owens 2009 Priviledge Social Identites
    Can a privilged person do work for people who are oppressed?
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