Mendel & Heredity

  1. what is heredity
    the passing of characters from one parent to offspring
  2. what are genetics
    the scientific study of heredity
  3. what are mendel's 3 terms?
    • p generation (parental)
    • F1
    • Hybrids
  4. true breed served as:
    the parental generation
  5. Mendel crossed 2 p generation that had contrasting traits to recieve his
    f1 generation
  6. how was f2 generation formed
    self pollination
  7. the principle of dominance states
    that some alleles are dominant and others are recessive
  8. a dominant allele, if inherited will always be
  9. a recessive allele will only be expressed when
    an organism inherits 2 recessive allels
  10. the law of segregation states
    that the 2 alleles for each trait separate during meiosis
  11. during fertilization the 2 alleles
  12. alleles are
    an alternative form of a single gene passed from generation to generation
  13. f1 generation shows
    dominant allele
  14. f1 generation masked
    recessive alleles
  15. homozygous:
    • when the 2 alleles in the individual are the same
    • ex: TT or tt
  16. heterozygous:
    • when the alleles for a particular gene are different
    • ex: Tt
  17. in heterozygous individuals:
    • only the dominant allele is expressed
    • the recessive allele is present but unexpressed
  18. phenotype
    the physical characteristic all tall plants have the same phenotype
  19. genotype
    all tall plants do not have the same genotype
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