py 110

  1. define sociobiology and ethology?
    • S-Branch of biology that tries to understand matting & anger
    • E-branch of zooology studing animals behavior
  2. what specific motives are involved in each class
    multifactor, biology, psychological & cultural components sexuality.
  3. what are aphagia, hypophagia, and hyperphagia?
    • Phagia = to eat
    • hypo = under
    • a = disorder
    • hyper = over
  4. what is set-point theory?
    the furnish model- drive reduction model
  5. what does optimal level of arousal mean?
    the point at which you feel better & perform better
  6. describe the Yerkes-Dodson law
    the more highly aroused you are is the less performance. relation between arousal & performance
  7. how, according to hebb, do variables such as task difficulty, degree of learning
    sympathetic arousal & performance optimal level- feel best do best more aroused better perform
  8. how is N measured?
    tat test
  9. whoi is associated with such research?
    David McCleaned
  10. what type of parent traning is correnlated with high N ach (L)
    Independent traning & rewarding of desirable behavior & anode (understanding behavior)
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