1. SNCC
    • Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
    • Young black students who battled their elders for leadership of civil rights movement
    • disliked MLK
    • Interacial= blacks and whites work together
    • Carmicheal- ghandian non-violence to achieve equality
    • blacks have 2 probs: poor & black
  2. CORE
    • Congress Of Racial Equality
    • want rights for all people
    • most international and interfaith
    • plans an attack on segregation that uses civil disobedience
    • biracial and inter-religious
    • Freedom rides protest
  3. SCLC
    • Southern Christian Leadership Confrence
    • MLK
    • middle class, well educated, mostly black
    • organizational heart of civil rights movement
  4. NAACP
    • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    • political, social, educational rights of all people
  5. NOW
    • The National Organization for Women
    • Betty Friedan- Feminine Mystique
    • Group was to serve women like the NAACP served black's
    • wanted true equality for women
    • they want daycares
    • every women should be educated to their full potential
    • women should be able to help support their families
  6. NBFO
    • The National Black Femanist Organization
    • founded to address the concerns of black women who felt that the women's movement & civil rights failed
    • worked to understand & explain how race, class, gender shaped the black womens experience in the U.S.
    • developed stragtegies to end racism
  7. SDS
    • Students for a Democratic Society
    • 50 students from Ivy league and big ten universities
    • Port Huron Statement- impassioned critique of an american society grown complacent
    • called on fellow students to lead "reinvigoration" of american politics throguh "participatory democracy"
    • 100's of groups coast to coast= "New Left"
    • antiwar marches & protests
  8. how does conscensus unravel?
    • blacks renouncing on violence
    • groups of people are demanding their rights (indians)
    • american's are into Vietnam and being supportive but don't care about politics
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