Eng 110

  1. suggestopedia
    low pressure through relaxation thus better learning
  2. community learning lang.
    low pressure through support and counseling sense thus better learning lang.
  3. total physical response
    learning through commands
  4. the silent way
    learning through rods and colored charts
  5. natural approach
    learners arent pushed to speak
  6. audiolingualism
    brill based methods and structual lingustics
  7. authentic text
    text no orinally constructed for language teaching purposes
  8. communicative language teaching
    interaction is key to language learning/ communication through lessons
  9. content bases instructions
    teaching lang. through exposure to specific content
  10. grammar transition
    practicing grammar thorugh translation from first lang. to target lang.
  11. theme based instructions
    theme of america.. but many aspects: culture/pop/ music/social
  12. adjunct learning
    learner works w/ buddy teacher
  13. shelter content
    teaching two subjects/dual responsiblity
  14. SARS
    • Select parts to keep
    • Adapt portions to keep
    • Reject certain portions
    • Supplment to complet requirments
  15. role play
    speaking activites, learners act out situations to practice target lang.
  16. information gap
    one learner has information that another lacks must use target lang. to convey meaning
  17. schema
    gen. information bases on previous learning
  18. productive skills
    skills that are produced speaking and writing
  19. receptive skills
    when recieving lang. learners are listening or reading
  20. segmental vs. suprasegmental
    • segmentals--consonants and vowles
    • suprasegmental--stress, rhythm, and intonations
  21. tips for providing feedback
    • -students must know signs that are used.
    • -tone of comments
    • -doesnt not include corrections
    • -summary comments
  22. ESL Learners
    • ear leaners
    • opprotunity for practice
    • native accent/fluency
  23. EFL learners
    • eye learners
    • few opprotunities to practice
    • high accruaracy
  24. process writing
    • brainstorming
    • interaction w/ classmates
    • peer feedback
    • teacher feedback
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