SAT vocab. A-D

  1. abhor
    dislike; to loathe, detest
  2. abrasive
    agressive; harsh & rough in manner
  3. abridge
    decrease; to condense, shorten
  4. abrupt
    speed; sudden, curt
  5. absolve
    forgive; to forgive, free from blame
  6. accentuate
    important; to stress or emphasize; intensify
  7. accessible
    helpful; attainable, avaliable, approachable
  8. accommodate
    helpful; to do a favor for; provide for
  9. accomplice
    grouped; an associate in wrongdoing
  10. accord
    grouped to bestow upon
  11. acrimony
    hostile; bitterness, animosity
  12. adept
    experienced, very skilled
  13. adorn
    detailed; to enhance, or decorate
  14. advantageous
    helpful; favorable, useful
  15. adversary
    dislike; opponent, enemy
  16. adversity
    dislike; a state of hardship or misfortune
  17. aerate
    open; to expose to air
  18. aesthete
    attractive; one who cultivates a high sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature
  19. aesthetic
    attractive; pertaining to beauty and art
  20. affectation
    pretentious; pretension, false display
  21. affiliation
    grouped; an association to a group or organization
  22. agile
    experienced; well coordinated, nimble
  23. agitate
    aggressive; upset, disturb
  24. alacrity
    speed; cheerful, willingness, eagerness, speed
  25. allegation
    communication; a claim without proof
  26. alleviate
    soothe; to relieve, improve partially
  27. amalgamation
    grouped; consolidation of smaller parts
  28. ambiguous
    unclear; uncertain; subject to multiple interpretations
  29. ambivalent
    unclear; uncertain; emotionally conflicted
  30. amiable
    friendly; friendly, pleasant, likeable
  31. amicable
    friendly; friendly agreeable
  32. amorphous
    unclear; having no definite form
  33. amphitheather
    communication; arena theather with rising tiers around a central open space
  34. amplify
    increase; increase intensify
  35. anachronistic
    time; from an incorrect or incongruous time period
  36. anarchist
    changing; one who aims for the overthrow of government
  37. anecdote
    communication; a short unusally funny account of an event
  38. anthology
    collected; collection of literary work
  39. anthropocentrism
    people; interpreting reality entirely based on human values
  40. apathetic
    lazy; indifferent, unconcerned
  41. appalling
    unattractive; causing dismay, frightful
  42. appraise
    evaluate; to evaluate, estimate the value
  43. arable
    productive; suitable for cultivation
  44. arbitration
    decisive; process in which a dispute is settled by an outside party
  45. archaic
    time; antiquated from an earlier time; outdated
  46. archetypal
    typical; representing an ideal example of a type
  47. archive
    saving; to place into storage
  48. ardor
    intrested; great emotion or passion
  49. arid
    unproductive; extremely dry or deathly boring
  50. ascetic
    deprived; self-denying, abstinent, austere
  51. assertion
    communication; declaration, usually without proof
  52. assess
    evaluate; to establish a value
  53. assiduous
    diligent; persistent; hardworking
  54. assurance
    communication; guarantee, plege
  55. astute
    experienced; having good judgement
  56. asylum
    safety; a place offering protection and safety
  57. atypical
    unusual; irregular
  58. audacious
    bold; daring, fearless
  59. augment
    add; to expand, extend
  60. auspicious
    helpful; having favorable prospects, promising
  61. autonomous
    alone; seperate, independent
  62. avant-garde
    time; radically new or original
  63. avain
    organisms of or relating to birds
  64. balk
    stop; to refuse, shirk; prevent
  65. banality
    ordinary; the quality of being trite, commonplace, or predictable
  66. bane
    harmful; cause of harm or ruin; source of annoyance
  67. bard
    people; lyrical poet
  68. belligerent
    hostile; aggressive, inclinced to fight
  69. benefactor
    luck; someone who helps others, esp. financially
  70. benevolent
    luck; friendly and helpful
  71. benign
    helpful; gentle, harmless
  72. bequeath
    saving; pass on, hand down
  73. berate
    criticize; to scold harshly
  74. bereft
    deprived of or lacking something
  75. bilk
    decrease; to defraud, swindle
  76. boon
    luck; blessing, something to be thankful for
  77. bourgeois
    ordinary; middle-class
  78. braggart
    proud; someone who boasts continuously
  79. brandish
    aggressive; wave menacingly
  80. buffer
    helpful; something that seperates two entities
  81. buttress
    add; to reinforce or support
  82. cacophony
    sound; jarring, unpleasant, noise
  83. cadence
    sound; rhymthmic flow; marching beat
  84. cajole
    bossy; flatter, coax, persuade
  85. calamity
    harmful; disaster, catastrophe
  86. calculating
    experienced; shrewed, crafty
  87. calumny
    communication; false and malacious accusation, misrepresentation, slander
  88. camaraderie
    grouped; trust, sociablity amongst friends
  89. cantankerous
    hostile; disagreeable, quarrelsome
  90. castigate
    criticize; to punish, chastice, criticize severely
  91. catalyst
    helpful; something that causes change
  92. catnap
    lazy; short, light sleep
  93. caustic
    harmful; biting, sarcastic, able to burn
  94. censure
    criticize; to find fault with and condemn as wrong; blame
  95. cerebral
  96. circuitous
    indecisive; indirect taking the longest route
  97. circumlocution
    communication; roundabout, lenghty way of saying something
  98. circumscribe
    rigid; to encircle; set limits on, confine
  99. clairivoyance
    time; exceptionally insightful, able to forsee the future
  100. clamp
    grouped; establish by authority, impose
  101. clandestine
    hidden, secretive, concealed for a darker purpose
  102. clientele
    people; body of customers of patrons
  103. cloying
    foolish; overly sweet
  104. cognizant
    intelligent; fully informed, conscious
  105. coherent
    clear; intelligible, lucid, understandable
  106. cohesion
    grouped; act of state of sticking together; close union
  107. collaborator
    grouped; someone who helps on a task
  108. colloguial
    communication; characteristic of informal speech
  109. collusion
    collaboration; complicity, conspiracy
  110. colossal
    size; immense; enormous
  111. combative
    aggresive; eager to fight
  112. commemorate
    praise, to serve as a memoral to
  113. commentary
    communication; series of explanations or interpretations
  114. compelling
    strong; urgently requiring attention, forceful
  115. compensate
    money; to repay or reimburse
  116. complacence
    lazy; self- satisfaction, lack of concern
  117. comprehensible
    intelligent; readily understood
  118. compulsion
    stubborn; an irresistible impulse to act
  119. conceivable
    intelligent; capable of being understood or imagined
  120. conciliatory
    friendly; overcoming distrust or hostility
  121. concot
    able; to devise, using skill and intelligence
  122. concordant
    appropriate; harmonious, agreeing
  123. condemnation
    criticize; an expression of strong dissapproval
  124. condescending
    proud; possessing an attitude of superiority, patronizing
  125. condolence
    sad; sympathy for a person's misfortune
  126. condone
    forgive; to pardon or forgive; overlook justify or excuuse a fault
  127. conduit
    organized; tube, pipe, or similar passage
  128. confiscation
    take away; seizure by authoriities
  129. conformity
    grouped; similarity in form or character
  130. confound
    foolish; to baffle to perplex
  131. confrontational
    hostile; eager to defy, esp. in a face-to-face encounter
  132. congeal
    collected to become thick or solid, as a liquid freezing
  133. consecerate
    spirital; to declare sacred; dedicate to a goal
  134. consensus
    apporpriate; unanimity, agreement of opinion or attitude
  135. conservatism
    stable; inclination to maintain traditional rules
  136. consolation
    sad; the act of providing comfort or solace for a loss of harship
  137. consummate
    intelligent; accomplish, complete, perfect
  138. contemptuous
    criticize; scornful, disdainful
  139. contract
    decrease; acquire, incur
  140. contrite
    peaceable; deeply sorrowful and repentant for a wrong
  141. controversial
    disagree; producing or marked by heated dispute
  142. conumdrum
    unclear; riddle, puzzle, or problem with no solution
  143. conventional
    typical, customary, commonplace
  144. convergence
    grouped; the state of seperate elements joining or coming together
  145. convey
    communication; to transport, to make known
  146. cordial
    friendly; warm and sincere, friendly
  147. convoluted
    ornate; twisted, complicated, involved
  148. corroborate
    true; to confirm to verify
  149. cosmopolitan
    experienced; pertinent or common to the whole world
  150. crafty
    intelligent; underhanded, devious, or deceptive
  151. crass
    clumsy; crude, unefined
  152. credo
    belief, system of principles or beliefs
  153. cresendo
    sound; gradual increase in volume, force, or intensity
  154. culpable
    blame; guilty, responsible for wrong
  155. cumulative
    increase; resulting form gradual increase
  156. curator
    people; caretaker and overseer of an exhibition, esp. in a museum
  157. curtail
    decrease; to shorten
  158. daunting
  159. debacle
    harmful; disastrous collaspe, total failure
  160. debase
    decrease; to degrade or lower in quality or stature
  161. debilitating
    unhealthy; impairing strenght or energy
  162. debtor
    deprived; someone who owes somthing to someone else
  163. debunk
    false; to expose the falseness of
  164. decibel
    sound; unit of sound intensity
  165. decisive
    conclusive; capable of determining outcome
  166. decorous
    formal; proper, well-behaved
  167. deferment
    time; the act of delaying
  168. deficit
    take away; inadeuacy; disadvantage
  169. deft
    able; skillful, dexterous
  170. degradation
    subservient; reduction in worth or dignity
  171. delegate
    bossy; to give powers to another
  172. deleterious
    harmful; destructive, detrimental
  173. deliberation
    flexible; dicussion or careful consideration of an issue
  174. delineate
    detailed; to portray, depict, or describe
  175. demagogue
    bold; leader or rabble-rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejuidice
  176. demean
    subservient; to degrade, humiliate, or humble
  177. demeanor
    people; the way a person behaves
  178. demonize
    hostile; to represent as evil
  179. depose
    take away; to remove from a high position, as from a throne
  180. derelict
    wasteful; neglectful of one's obligations; abandoned
  181. deride
    criticize; to mock, ridicule, or make fun of
  182. derivative
    ordinary; copied or adapted; not original
  183. desolate
    alone; deserated, lifeless, barren
  184. despotism
    bossy; dominance through threat of violence
  185. destitution
    deprived, complete property
  186. detractor
    criticize; one who belittles something else
  187. didactic
    bossy; excessively instructive
  188. diffident
    proud; shy, lacking confidence
  189. disgression
    indecisive; the act of straying, an instance of straying
  190. dilatory
    time; slow, tending to delay
  191. discomfit
    worsen; make uneasy, embarass
  192. disconcert
    worsen; ruffle, upset one's self-possession
  193. discord
    hostile; lack of argreement; inharmonious combination
  194. discordance
    hostile; state of disagreement
  195. discourse
    communication; verbal exchange, conversation
  196. discredit
    harmful; to harm the reputation of, dishonor, or disgrace
  197. discrepancy
    disagree; difference
  198. discretionary
    experienced; subject to one's own judgement
  199. disdain
    disapprove; to regard with scorn or contempt
  200. disheveled
    messy; marked by disorder, untidy
  201. disingenuous
    false; not straight forward, insincere
  202. disparage
    criticize; to belittle, speak-disrespectfully about
  203. disparate
    alone; dissimilar, different in kind
  204. dispel
    take away; to drive out or scatter
  205. disputant
    hostile; someone in an arguement
  206. dissemble
    false; to pretend to disguise one's motives
  207. disseminate
    moving; to spread for and wide
  208. dissipate
    decerase; to vanish; to pursue pleasure to excess
  209. divisive
    hostile; creating disunity or conflict
  210. dogmatic
    rigidly fixed in one opinoin, opinionated
  211. drub
    defeat soundly, beat
  212. dubious
    false; arousing doubt, doubtful
  213. duplicity
    false; deception, dishonesty, double-dealing
  214. duration
    time; period of time that something lasts
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