ID: parasitic infection

  1. nematodes:

    A) roundworm
  2. trematodes:

    B) fluke
  3. cestodes:

    A) tapeworm
  4. ascariasis is one of the causes of

    B) roundworm
  5. strongylodiasis is one of the causes of (seen in HIV + pt)

    C) roundworm
  6. hookworm is one of the causes of ....

    C) roundworm
  7. cysticercosis is one of the causes of

    B) tapeworm
  8. how to get ascariasis infection?
    • nematode
    • ingestion of eggs.
  9. ascariasis life cycle in body.
    start in intestine (10-24 mo) then migrate to lungs, pharynx then swallow back down.
  10. clinidal syndrome of ascariasis?
    • pulm (do CXR)
    • impaired protein digest/abs
    • bilirary/intestine obstruct
    • abd discomfort, vomit
    • cholangitis, pancreatitis
    • eosinophilia (should get differential!!!)
  11. diagnosis for ascariasis
    똥 검사
  12. treatment for ascariasis?
    • mebendazole (Vermox) 100mg bid x 3 days
    • albendazole 400mg x 1 dose
  13. how do you get strongyloidiasis?
    larva penetration of skin or colon
  14. strongyloidiasis is common in which pt population?
    HIV positive
  15. which has autoimmune infxn?

    B) strongylodiasis
  16. which doesn't have eosinophilia?

    C) hookworm
  17. which can be lethal?

    A) strongylodiasis
  18. which can be found in HIV positive pt?

    C) strongylodiasis
  19. which has diarrhea with mucus?

    A) strongylodiasis
  20. which has anemia presentation?

    B) hookworm
  21. top 2 clinical presentation of strongylodiasis?
    • diarrhea with mucus
    • eosinophilia
    • others include skin rash, abd pain, NV, weight loss
  22. how to diagnose strongylodiasis?
    • ID of rhabditiform larvae in stool
    • sputum (b/c goes into lungs)
    • duodenal fluid (drain it)
  23. treatment for strongylodiasis?
    • ivermectin 200mcg/kg/day x 2 day
    • albendazole 400mg bid x 7 day
  24. how do you get hook worm?
    skin penetration
  25. hookworm lives in ___ water (dirty vs. fresh)
  26. clinical syndrome of hookworm?
    • mild epigastric pain and tenderness
    • headache, fatigue
    • hypoproteinemia
    • cutaneous larva migrans
    • pruritis, erythema, rash
    • more systemic sympts
    • ANEMIA
  27. treatment for hookworm?
    Vermox 100mg bid x 3 days
  28. surviving mechanisms for tapeworm!!
    • proglottids!
    • male and female sex organs and break free
  29. how do you get cysticercosis?
    • ingesting eggs
    • usu uncooked pork
  30. how does cysticercosis affect the body?
    bowel -> blood stream -> organ -> CNS
  31. important clinical presentation of cysticercosis? (tapeworm)
    CNS: seizure!
  32. how do you diagnose cysticerrcosis?
    CT MRI
  33. treatment of cysticercosis?
    • normally not treated b/c cysts die/calcify
    • if sympt, surgical resection
    • neurocysticercosis: sx, anticonvul, antihelm
    • albendazole 400mg bid for 8-30 days
  34. if pregnant woman, what can you NOT use b/c contraindicated?

    B) mebendazole
  35. the MoA is NOT by inhibiting microtuble synth.

    A) ivermectin
  36. MoA is paralyzing worm by intesifying GABA

    C) ivermectin
  37. more CNS side effects seen.

    B) albendazole
  38. 10% oral absorption so increase abs with fatty meal.

    A) mebendazole
  39. extensive first pass metab.

    A) albendazole
  40. exc in feces.

    C) ivermectin
  41. rapid absorption.

    C) ivermectin
  42. rash as SE.

    C) ivermectin
  43. ___ lice is different from the others. (wider and shorter)

    B) pubic
  44. pediculus is...
  45. when do lice eggs hatch?
    nymphs after 7-10 days
  46. lice dies if it is not fed blood within...
  47. what from lice cause hypersensitivity thus itching?
    • injecting saliva
    • defecation
  48. treatment of lice?
    • Nix (1% permethrin)
    • 1% Lindane (Rx)
    • Kwell (gamma benzene hexachloride shampoo)
    • RID (pyrethins + piperonyl butoxide)
    • 0.1% menthol for pruritis (works well)
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