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  1. In What year was the first edition of The Guide published
  2. When did the FDA administer the GLP regulations
  3. AALAS was previously known as
    Animal Care Panel founded in 1950 until 1967
  4. What is the scientific name of the Syrian Hamster
    What color is this hamster
    • Mesocricetus auratus
    • golden
  5. What color is the Armenian Hamster and scientific name?
    • Cricetulus Migratorius
    • Gray
  6. What is the name of the European Hamster
    Cricetus Cricetus
  7. Hamsters hibernate at what temp
    5 degrees C or 41F
  8. The hamster is resistant to what 2 things
    • pulmonary infection
    • irradiation-syrian chinese
  9. When must the female pregnant hamster be moved to another cage?
    One week prior to and 10 days post parturition
  10. Strains with High Prevalence of LSA

    • BALB/c- multicentric
    • SCID-Thymic
  11. DBA's are prone to these conditions
    • soft tissue mineralization
    • mammary tumors
    • ectromelia
    • audiogenic seizures
  12. Difference between male and female mice spleens
  13. sexual Dimorphism between pituitary and adrenal glands
    Male- smaller
  14. THis mouse is a natural reservoir for what zoonotic disease in dogs?
    Erlichia canis
  15. meriones unguiculatus use in research
    ligation of one common carotid artery and cerebral infarction

    • Epilepsy
    • nematode infections and anthelminthic resistance
  16. Sore Nose
    moist nasal dermatitis caused by increased harderian porphyrin secretion in meriones unguiculatus
  17. Mastomys natalensis use in research
    • Infectious and zoonotic disease
    • submaxillary salivargy glands are a rich source of nerve growth factor
  18. Dental formula in Oryctologus Cuniculus
    i2/1,c0/0,pm3/2, 2-3/3 x 2
  19. Gestation in rabbits last how long?
    30-33 days
  20. Sexual maturity in rat
    50+/- 10 days, female earlier than male
  21. When do Does ovulate?
    10-13 hr after copulation
  22. What is the recommended ambient temp for a rabbit?
    61-72 deg. F
  23. Weaning for a kit is when?
    5-8 wks
  24. "Animal" as defined by the PHS
    • any live, vertebrate
    • animal (cold or warmblooded) used in research, training, or testing
  25. "Animal Facility"
    • any building, room, or area used for
    • confinement, transport, or experiments including surgery

    • –if animals are kept there
    • for more than 24 hrs. it is considered an animal facility
  26. PHS Assurance for what duration
    5 years
  27. According to the PHS policy, what members must consititute an IACUC?
    • 1. DVM with experience or expertise in LAM and science
    • 2. practicing scientist with experience in animal research
    • 3. Non-scientist
    • 4. Non-affiliated member
  28. According to the PHS policy, how many members must their be in the IACUC
  29. Queen's gestation
    65-66 days
  30. In the cat, What hrmone is secreted by the placenta and the only pregnancy specific hormone?
  31. The cat has what type of reproductive cycle?
    seasonally polyestrous, induced ovulator
  32. When is a cat in proestrus and estrus?
  33. When does anestrus occur in the cat?
  34. What is the minimum photoperiod that will induce reproductive cycling in the cat?
    More than 10 hours, 14 hours with flourescent bulbs
  35. Peak sexual activity in the queen is for what duration of life?
    Peak sexual activity for the tomcat?
    • 1.5-7 years
    • 2-8 years
  36. Blood type ___ tomcats should not be bred to type___ Queens
    Blood type A toms should not be bred to type B queens
  37. kittens should be observed for what congenital abnormality?
    cleft palate which leads to aspiration peumonia
  38. kittens are weaned when?
    • -at 3-4 weeks start eating solid food
    • - fully weaned at 8-10 weeks, healthy ones at 600g at 6 wks
  39. cat scratch disease etioogic agent
    bartonella hensalae
  40. Cutaneous larval migrans
    visceral larval migrans
    • Unicinaria and Ancylostoma
    • toxocara leonina and toxocara cati
  41. Toxoplasma Sporolation occurs in how many days?
    1-5 days, therefore litter boxes must be cleaned daily (AWR)
  42. FIV and HIV resemble each other how?
    • cell and tissue tropism
    • antigenically distinct
  43. cage space allotementcats < 4kgs
    • 3sq ft
    • 4sq ft
  44. Consomic definition
    Produced by repeated (N=10) backcrossess of a whole chromosome onto an inbred strain

    ex. C57BL/6-XDBA
  45. Conplastic definition
    • Produced with 1 Hybrid then repeated backcrosses of nuclear DNA or genome (C3H recipient male) onto cytoplasm (mitocondria) of female inbred mouse (ex. DBA donor) for 9 generations (N10 total)
    • Ex. C3H/HeJ-mtDBA
  46. Recombinant Inbred
    After Hybrid mating (F1xF1) then 20 F2 matings produce progeny with unique sets of genes from parental strains. Used for gene mapping with phenotypic markers.
  47. Recombinant Congenic
    • Hybrid then two backcrosses (N2) to parental strain.
    • Ex. CcB(N3) or CcB (for N2)
  48. Coisogenic
    • Genetically identical except at 1 locus
    • ex. C57BL/6J-Apo
  49. Segregating Inbred
    Heterozygosity acheived at 1 locus after intercross matings BALB/cAnNCrl-nu/+
  50. Congenic
    • Similar genotypes except for short part of gene segment BC onto inbred stran 10 times. Less than 5= incipient congenic (;)
    • ex. C.B-w
  51. Advanced Intercross Lines
    Producing an F2 generation between two inbred strains and then intercrossng in each subsequent generation avoiding sibling matings
  52. APO is an example of mouse ____?
    mouse protein
  53. apo
    is an example of a recessive allele
  54. When creating a transgenic mouse by random insetion, the DNA is usually micronjected into where?
    the male pronuclei
  55. A strain
    In bred, albino, lung adenomas common, spleen cells for hybridomas
  56. AKR
    AK, inbred, Leukemia high icidence, hair interior defect mutation (hid), Thy 1.1
  57. BALB/c
    C, inbred, monoclonal antibiodies, Th2 based response, ulcerative blepharitis and periorbital abcessation, tumors later in life
  58. CBA/J
    CB, inbred, agouti, retinal deg and autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's Disease)
  59. C3H/HeJ
    C3, agouti, LPS resistant only, alopecia areata, on atherogenic diet don't devlop disease, no MMTV but can develop mammary tumors, Pde6brd1 homozygous, hepatomas in males
  60. C57BL/6
    B6, tumor and disease resistant, microphthalmia, hydrocephalus, preference for sweet tastes and alcohol, incisor malocclusion
  61. C57BL/10
    B10, production for histocompatibility complex in congenics, dermatitis, hydrocephalus and eye abnormalities, preference for sweets and alcohol 30% incidence of lymphoma
  62. DBA/1
    D1, dilute brown non-agouti, high incidence of mammary tumors and hearing loss at 10 mos., used in rheumatoid arthritis and nephritis
  63. DBA/2
    D2, first inbred strain, intolerance to morphie and alcohol, audiogenic seizures -used to test anticonvulsants
  64. SJL (Swiss Jim Lambert)
    J, inbred, albino, EAE, pelvic girdle muscular dystrophy, get Hodgkins reticular cell sarcomas, rd, males very aggressive
  65. SWR
    SW, albino, inbred, EAE, mammary tumor, rd, nephrogenic DI with age
  66. 129
    white bellied agouti chinchilla, pink eyed chinchilla, inbred, used for ES for Knockout mice, incidence of testicular teratomas
  67. C57BLKS/K
    • Black Kaliss, Black, inbred
    • Used for background strain of Leprdb Lepob
    • Progressive hearing loss by 3 mo
  68. C57BR/J
    Brown, inbred, atherosclerotic diet, vestibular and hearing deficits, progressive hearing loss at 7 weeks, fast learner
  69. C57L/J
    Leaden gray, inbred, diet induced atherosclerosis and gall stones, EAE, Hodgkins like Lymphoma, 3 months hearing loss
  70. FVB/N (Friend Virus B virus)
    • albino, large pronuclei, asthma like hyperresponsiveness, squamous cell carcinomas induction
    • High activity, anxiety, basal body temp, hypertermia, leukemia after 1 year, retinal deg.
  71. Outbred Mice
    CD-1, CFW or Swiss Webster (SW)- ideal pseudopregnant recipients for black and agoutis, NMRI, CF-1, Black Swiss-nuture fosters well, ideal pseudopreg recipient for albino, testing germline for 129 ES and C57 chimeras
  72. Coronavirus causes what as an animal model?
    myocarditis and cardiomyopathy for congestive heart failure
  73. Main clostridial species implicaqted in the diarrhea and enterophathy of rabbits
    C. spiriforme (g+) anaerobe
  74. This anatomical structure in the rabbit serves as lymphoid tissue and is a thickening at the ilealcecal junction
    Sacculus Rountundus
  75. This anatomical feature in the rabbit allows digesta through the cecum from the ileum
    Fusus Coli
  76. Dutch belted rabbits with this disease develop lesions similar to what human disease?
    0157:H7 EHEC, hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)
  77. What two areas should be cultured for diagnosis of P. multocida in the rabbit?
    tympanic bullae and nasal cavity
  78. Rabbit (Shope) Fibroma, virus type, natural reservoir, transmission
    Poxvirus, sylvilagus floridanus- cottontail, insect vectors
  79. Myxomatosis, virus, transmission
    pox (leporipoxvirus), DNA virus, mosquitos
  80. New World Monkey Characterisitics
  81. New World Monkey
    -Vitamin Requirement
    • D3 in diet, D2 is not bioavailable
    • Vitamin C
  82. Old World Monkey
    -Vitamin Requirement
    Vitamin C only
  83. Old World monkey nose
  84. New World Monkey tail
    pseudo or prehensile
  85. Dental formula of Cebidae (New World)
    2 (4/2/6/2)= 36
  86. The only nocturnal simian primate
    Aotus spp
  87. These nhp have a toilet claw on second digit of foot for grooming
  88. Callitrichidae (nwp) and old worlds dental formula
    2(4/2/6/4) and 2( 4/2/4/6) = 36
  89. These types of nhp have menstrual cycles
    OWP/ catrrhine primates
  90. These new world primates often twin and are permanent chimeras
    • callatrichids: marmosets (callatrhix jaccus)
    • tamarins (saguinus oedipus)
  91. Gestation of a callitrichid
    140 days
  92. Saimiri spp. (nwp, platyrrhine, cebidae, saimiriane) males under go this before winter_____
    Females do this for their young ____
    Breed when
    • fatting
    • allomother
    • seasonally
  93. This cebidae species spread herpes to others
    Saimiri sciurius
  94. Black and Gold Howler monkey scientific name
    Alouatta caraya
  95. Olive Baboon scientific name
    Papio hamadryas anubis
  96. Callithrix Jacchus
    Common Marmoset
  97. Saguinus oedipus is what common name and prone to what after cold stress?
    Animal model for what?
    • Cotton Top Tamarin, chronic colitis
    • colonic adenocarcinoma
  98. What nhp has cheekpouches (family name, ow or nwp?)
    cercopithicus, owp
  99. Callathrix Jacchus are used as models for what?
    • EAE- multiple sclerosis
    • Parkinsons disease
    • idiopathic hemochromatosis
  100. African green monkey
    • chlorcebus (cercopithicus) aethiops
    • blue balls!
  101. Uakari
    Cacajao culvus, short tail, long GI tract
  102. In which nhps does karyotype matter?
    Saimiri and Aotus
  103. These nhp are old world primates and have a rhinarium
  104. Prosimians have what characteristics?
    • toilet claw
    • 2 part manible
    • 36 teeth
    • epithelial chorial placenta
    • moist rhinarium with fissured fixed upper lip
  105. Model for male pattern baldness
    macacca arctoides (stump tailed macaque)
  106. Lee boot effect
    Spontaneous pseudopregnancy or diestrus when females are housed together
  107. whitten effect
    estrul synchrony when exposed to male's urine
  108. Bruce Effect
    When exposed to strange male's urine, pregnancy is terminated
  109. Coolidge effect
    Stop having sex with the partner you're with and desire for novel partner and promiscuity
  110. Diploid chromosome number in rat
  111. Ambient Temp according to Guide for rodents
    68-79 F
  112. Ambient temp according to guide for Cat, Dog, NHP
  113. Rabbit ambient temp in Guide
  114. Space reqt (Guide) for Rats <100 gm
  115. Height reqt for rats of any weight
    7 sq in
  116. Rats up to 200 gm (Guide)
    23 sq in
  117. Rats up to 300 g (guide)
    29 sq in
  118. Rats up to 400 g (guide)
    40 sq in
  119. Rats up to 500 g (Guide)
    60 sq in
  120. Rats >500 g (Guide)
    > 70 sq in
  121. Rat female + litter
    124 sq in
  122. Cobblestone Lung appearance
    Mycoplasma pulmonis
  123. This ricketssial parasite is transmitted via Polyplax spinulosa
    Mycoplasma Haemomuris
  124. This bacterium causes splenomegaly and septicemia in the rat
    Salmonella enteriditis
  125. This organism is not transmitted easily by dirty bedding and occurs in conjunction with M. pulmonis (cobblestone lung)
    CAR bacillus- wathrin starry or methenamin silver
  126. Bladder Threadworm
    Trichosomoides crassicauda
  127. This causes Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in humans (HFRS), viral family?
    Hantavirus in rats, Bunyaviridae
  128. Toxoplasma gondii can be distinguished from E. cuniculi by what stains?
    • Toxo: H&E
    • E. Cuniculi: Gram
  129. These 2 strains of rats often get hydronephrosis
    • Gunn- Single dominant gene
    • BN- polygenic
  130. This rat strain has a high incidence of interstitial Leydig cell tumors?
  131. Wehn culturing for Pseudotuberculosis (etiology?) what organ should be chosen as the best site?
    Corneybacterium kutscheri, submaxillary/cervical lymph nodes
  132. Gestation in the rat
    21-23 d
  133. This mutant rat strain gets diabetes Insipidus (mode of inheritance?)
    Brattleboro, autosomal recessive
  134. These 2 rat strains are models for prostatic adenocarcinoma
    COP, ACI
  135. This rat strain is a model for transplantable Morris hepatoma
  136. This rat shrain is a model for myeloma
  137. This rat strain is a model for mononuclear cell leukemia
  138. This rat strain is a model for multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune disease
  139. Mouse diploid chromosome number
  140. Genes that control coat color
    Aa, Agouti, nonagouti; Bb, Black brown; Cc, Color, albino; Dd, non Dilute, dilute
  141. Intercross is between 2 _____zygotes
  142. Taurine is ___ in the urine, Tryptophan is ___ in the urine
    present, absent
  143. what has an attenuating effect on Salmonella infection?
    Iron deficiency
  144. _______ _____ causes fatal dermatitis in nude mice
    Staph Xylosus
  145. Streptococcus are in Lancefield group __
  146. Polyplax serrata is the what?
    Arthropod vector for what?
    • mouse louse
    • Eperythrozoon coccoides
  147. MRM requires what when growing?
  148. THis mycoplasma sp causes rolling diesease in mice
    Mycoplasma neurolyticum
  149. Mousepox susceptible strains
    A, BALB/c, C3H, DBA/1, DBA/2, (ABCD)
  150. This rat louse may be a vector for Ectromelia
    Ornithonyssus bacoti
  151. MCMV lesions in what organ
    cervical salivary gland
  152. LDHV is a ___virus
  153. LDVH is the #1 contaminant of tumor lines and cultures and causes increase in LDH for what strain of mice?
  154. MCMV and MTV are ___virus
  155. What genus and species amplifies and is susceptible to LCMV?
    Mesocricetus auratus
  156. LCMV is a ____virus
  157. PVM is in the family of
  158. EDIM is a rotavirus in what family?
  159. Sendai is a ___virus and causes what change in bronchial epithelium
    paramyxovirus, squamous metaplasia
  160. Oily Hair Effect
    Reovirus 3 (Orthoreovirus, reoviridae)
  161. MHV's hallmark lesion is
  162. MEV is a ___virus
    predisposed strain?
    • cardiovirus
    • SJL
  163. Mouse Adenovirus has 2 strains
    • FL Mad-1-fatal
    • K 87 (MAd-2)- non path
  164. Aspircularis tetraptera eggs requires how long to be infective
    6 days (S. oblevata- 6 hours shorter lifecycle 15)
  165. Most common ectoparasite of the lab mouse
    Myocoptes musculinus boxing glove
  166. list the RNA mouse viruses
    • LCMV
    • LDV
    • MHV
    • PVM
    • SV
    • MEV
    • Reo
    • Rota
    • MNV
    • (Little lambs May Play So Mom May Run Right)
  167. LCMV is a _ virus (genus)
  168. MEV is a ____ virus
  169. MEV is enveloped or non enveloped RNA virus
    non enveloped (Rotavirus also)
  170. C58 and AKR mice are susceptible to what virus, and why?
    LDV have endogeonous MuLV and FV-1 homozygous
  171. What strain of mice is susceptible to MHV infection?
  172. How do you distinguish PVM from SV?
    SV has squamous metaplasia of bronchial epithelium in the reparative stage
  173. In what strains of mice is MNV lethal
    STAT1 and ILabg def. mice
  174. MHV acute death and wasting sydrome in which strain of mouse?
  175. All of the mouse RNA viruses are _____ except which two?
    Enveloped, only rota and MEV are nonenveloped and ds (reo)
  176. The diabetic (db/db) and the obese Zucker (fa/fa) have mutations in the gene expressing what ?
    Leptin recpetor
  177. The __ rat is susceptible to induction of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis while the ___rat is resistant
    Lewis Brown Norway
  178. Dry Bulb temp for rodents
  179. Dry bulb temp for dogs cats and nhp
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