Spanish actions and other verbal expressions

  1. almorzar (ue)
    to eat lunch
  2. aprobar (ue)
    to approve
  3. cerrar (ie)
    to close, shut
  4. colgar (ue)
    to hang
  5. comenzar (ie)
    to begin, start
  6. conseguir (i)
    to get, obtain
  7. contar (ue)
    to count, tell (a story)
  8. costar (ue)
    to cost
  9. decir (i)
    to say, tell
  10. devolver (ue)
    to return (something)
  11. dormir (ue)
    to sleep
  12. elegir (i)
    to elect, choose
  13. empezar (ie)
    to begin, start
  14. encerrar (ie)
    to lock up
  15. encontrar
    to find
  16. entender (ie)
    to understand
  17. envolver
    to wrap
  18. jugar (ue)
    to play (a sport or game)
  19. mentir (ie)
    to lie
  20. morir (ue)
    to die
  21. mostrar (ue)
    to show
  22. mover (ue)
    to move (something)
  23. negar (ie)
    to deny
  24. pedir (i)
    to ask (for) request
  25. pensar (ie) (en)
    to think about, intend
  26. perder (ie)
    to lose
  27. poder (ue)
    to be able
  28. preferir (ie)
    to prefer
  29. probar (ue)
    to try, test
  30. querer (ie)
    to want, wish, love
  31. recomendar (ie)
    to recommend
  32. recordar (ue)
    to remember
  33. regar (ie)
    to water
  34. reir (ie)
    to laugh
  35. repetir (i)
    to repeat
  36. resolver
    to solve
  37. seguir (i)
    to follow
  38. servir (i)
    to serve
  39. sugerir (ie)
    to suggest
  40. volver (ue)
    to return
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Spanish actions and other verbal expressions
Spanish actions and other verbal expressions