quiz #3- bariatric ergonomics

  1. What are the ABC's of lifting?
    • A: assess the situation
    • B: bend at your knees
    • C: call for help if needed
    • D: don't twist, hug the load
    • E: equipment when needed
  2. What are some considerations for mobilization?
    • reduce trauma to skin (use sheet or transfer aide)
    • elevate trunk gradually
    • establish a true deck height (hips at 90, feet on floor)
    • level the thigh (may deflate mattress, or use stool)
  3. What are different tips and tools?
    • trendelenberg (up in bed)
    • maximum inflate (up in bed)
    • mechanical lifts
    • transfer aides
    • mobility screen
    • egress test
  4. What are some triggers for mechanical conveyance (aids)?
    • inability to elevate head from bed >45'
    • perceived exertion mobility rating of HARD
    • inability of patient to move extremities against gravity
    • inability to boost in bed
    • insufficient observed functional skills >72 hrs
    • excessive staff numbers >3 people
    • significant changes in medical status/vital signs
    • orthostatic intolerance
    • pain index rating of >7
    • retreat, fear, anxiety, psychological intolerance
  5. What are some gait belt factors for the belt and hammock technique?
    • location
    • don't double the gait belts
    • no sawing
    • watch buckles to avoid skin trauma
  6. What is the purpose of the Egress test?
    safe progression of guarding techniques
  7. What are the steps to the Egress test?
    • one rep demonstrating clearance of support surface by 1-2"
    • additional two reps of sit to stand
    • 3 steps of marching in place
    • advance and retreat
  8. What is the weight limit on most hospital equipment?
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