Ethics Quiz 2 Vocab

  1. Euthanasia
    "Good Death"
  2. PVS
    Persistent Vegetative State
  3. TLS
    Termination of Life Support
  4. CPR
    Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
  5. PAS
    Physician-Assisted Suicide
  6. DNR
    Do Not Resuscitate
  7. DPAHC
    Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  8. UAGA
    Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (organ donation)
  9. Capital Punishment
    The Death Penalty
  10. Theonomists
    Hold to capital punishment of the Old Testament
  11. Prohibitionists
    Want to abolish the death penalty
  12. Recidivism
    Repeated offense post prison
  13. Somatic
    Of the body
  14. Toti Potent Cells
    Stem cells of a fertilized egg in the first four days
  15. Pluri Potent Cells
    Stem cells of a fertilized egg 5 days to 8 weeks; embryonic stem cells; desired for stem cell research.
  16. Multi Potent Cells
    Adult stem cells; bone marrow, placenta, umbilical cord
  17. Germ Line Therapy
    Genetic alteration which can be handed down hereditarily
  18. Recombinant DNA
    DNA formed in the lab by splicing DNA from different organisms
  19. Cloning
    To duplicate an individual asexually through cell transfer
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