unit 2- health assessment

  1. which step of the nursing process is the health history obtained?
    obtained during client interview during... yup that is right the assessment step
  2. name some theraputic communication techniques
    • active listening- shows client has full undivided attention
    • open-ended questions- used to initially encourage the cleint to tell their story
    • clarifying- allows nurse to question client about specific details
    • summarizing- allows client to validate story
  3. name the components of the health history.
    • demographics
    • source of history
    • cheif concern
    • history of present illness
    • past health history and current
    • family history
    • social history
    • health promotion
  4. name some things assessed in demographic stage
    • name, address, phone #
    • gender
    • birth date and age
    • race and ethnic origin
    • marital status
    • occupation
    • fmaily/significant others
  5. which of the following is an effective technique to use when interviewing a client?

    D. start the interview w/ "nonthreatning" topic
  6. The history of the present illness is

    A. chronological description of the client's cheif concern
  7. A client expresses concern to the nurse over the confidentiaity of the info she is providing during her health history. the nurse should respond by telling the client

    D. exactly w/ whom the info will be shared
  8. which of the following is the most important reason for a nurse to obtain a health hx from a clein who has just been admitted to the medical unit

    C. the client's health history facilitates development of a mutually agreed upon plan of care
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unit 2- health assessment
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