Bobby's Random Notecards IV

  1. Codename of Battle of Okinawa
    Operation Iceberg
  2. Battle in which the Shuri Castle was captured
    Battle of Okinawa
  3. Smaller Strait bordering Tasmania
    Banks Strait
  4. Cape Grim and Cape Portland are on this island
  5. Major River on Tasmania
    Derwent River
  6. Jean Piaget's type of "behavior"
    Assimilation Behavior
  7. Jean Piaget's "four sweets" theory
    Theory of Conservation
  8. Desert in Southeastern Oregon
    Alvord Desert
  9. Mountain in Oregon (Not Three Sisters or Mt. Hood)
    Steens Mountain
  10. First ruler of Independent Haiti
    Jean-Jacques Dessalines
  11. Reunited Haiti
    Jean-Pierre Boyer
  12. Battle of Vertieres was major in this country
  13. Proposed a tuition increase (CE)
    David Cameron
  14. Hormone that has a "Chicago" form
  15. Vetoed some bill to reduce train fares
    Grover Cleveland
  16. Battle of Alma was fought during…
    Crimean War
  17. American Slavery As It It
    Grimke Sisters
  18. Clinton-era Deputy Counsel who committed suicide
    Vincent Foster
  19. German port on the Elbe
  20. Current female president of Brazil
    Dilma Rousseff
  21. Nirmala is a sect in
  22. GAAP is in this organelle
  23. Rediscovered Snell's Law
    Rene Descartes
  24. Part 1 of the Theory of Moral Sentiments and the author
    • On the Propriety of Actions
    • Adam Smith
  25. Swamp in Southern Virginia
    Great Dismal Swamp
  26. State that owns the Northern Neck Peninsula
  27. Operation Focus began this conflict
    Six Day War
  28. Captured Wittenburg and threatened a guy
    Charles V
  29. Discovered a manitee with Vitus Bering
    Georg Steller
  30. Stepmother of Thutmose III
  31. Developed Connecticut Compromise
    Roger Sherman
  32. Afferent Arterioles supply this organ
  33. Cabral sieged and massacred people in this city
  34. What did Cabral call Brazil?
    Island of the True Cross
  35. Nastapoka Arc might be a crater in this body of water
    Hudson Bay
  36. French hero of Verdun
  37. Fought Malaria in the building of the Panama Canal
    Walter Reed
  38. Dominated the Peloponnesian Peninsula before Sparta
  39. Succeeded Augusto Pinochet
    Patricio Aylwin
  40. Started The Commoner
    William Jennings Bryan
  41. Three Essays on Religion
    JS Mill
  42. Resigned during the Phony War
    Neville Chamberlain
  43. Louis Lingg committed suicide after this massacre
    Haymarket Square
  44. King of Judea installed by Caligula
    Herod Agrippa I
  45. Largest English Island
    Isle of Wight
  46. Home of the Royal Navy
  47. Part of this operation was Operation Pelican
    Berlin Airlift
  48. There were Three Studies of this philosopher
    Georg Hegel
  49. House Majority Leader
    Eric Cantor
  50. Was House Minority Whip from 2009-2011
    Eric Cantor
  51. Strait that Separates Newfoundland and Labrador
    Strait of Belle Isle
  52. Said he wouldn't run or serve as president
    William Sherman
  53. Lost Presidential Election to James Garfield
    Winfield Scott Hancock
  54. Fast-growing Health Care Union
  55. Brutus killed himself after this battle
    Battle of Philippi
  56. Battle near the end of the First Crusade
    Battle of Ascalon
  57. Contain matn and ismad
  58. House Democratic Whip
    Steny Hoyer
  59. Current senior senator from West Virginia
    Jay Rockefeller
  60. Capital of Guam
  61. Bounty Bay is on this island
    Pitcairn Island
  62. Adamstown is the capital of…
    Pitcairn Island
  63. Point Christian is on this Island
    Pitcairn Island
  64. Codenamed Operation Watchtower
  65. Pennsylvania city destroyed by a famous flood in the 1800s
  66. Woodrow Wilson's domestic policy
    New Freedom
  67. Antitrust Act signed by Woodrow Wilson
    Clayton Antitrust Act
  68. Located near Serra do Mar
    Sa Paulo
  69. City on the Tiete and Pinheiros Rivers
    Sao Paulo
  70. Sponsored by Orrin Hatch
    DREAM Act
  71. Group that traces its origins to the Dordrecht Confession
  72. Mountains between Slovakia and Poland
    Tatra Mountains
  73. Lakes in Poland
    Masurian Lakes
  74. War censured for reading anti-slavery stuff
  75. Lost lots of troops at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham
    Fraser's Highlanders
  76. St. Charles River was fought over in this battle
    Battle of the Plains of Abraham
  77. 1860s female abolitionist
    Sojourner Truth
  78. Lost battle of Bunker Hill (commander)
    William Howe
  79. Secretary of Agriculture
    Tom Vilsack
  80. Shirley Sherrod was fired from this department
  81. Guy that posted a video of Shirley Sherrod
    Andrew Breitbart
  82. Mountain on Java
    Mount Merapi
  83. "Of the Standard of Taste"
    David Hume
  84. Brother of Henry VIII who died before Henry VII died
  85. Willandra Lakes Region is an archaeological site in…
  86. The Buduma people populate the islands of this lake
    Lake Chad
  87. Ended the Iran Hostage Crisis
    Algiers Accord
  88. Nickname of Canadian attempt to rescue Iran Hostages
    Canadian Caper
  89. Somebody added "Mr." to a bunch of names in this document
    Mayflower Compact
  90. Lost election of 1920
    James Cox
  91. Part of the cocalero movement
    Evo morales
  92. Current governor of Illinois
    Pat Quinn
  93. Current only black senator
    Roland Burris
  94. Coined by Jung, is a pairing of archetypal opposites
  95. Member of the court of Charles I
    George Villiers
  96. Prominent critic of Charles I
    John Pym
  97. Sent to Charles I
    Petition of Right
  98. Kansai Region is on this island
  99. Law that says that in a free market, goods exchange make enough money to buy the economy's output
    Say's Law
  100. Site of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    Latin Bridge
  101. There was a possible Viking settlement in this state
  102. Was the seat of Benito Juarez's government
  103. Amatignaf Island is the Westernmost of this chain
    Aleutian Islands
  104. Based on 64 Hexagrams
    I Ching
  105. First current leader to be called by the International Court
    Omar Bashir
  106. Speaker of the House during Jimmy Carter's administration
    Tip O'Neill
  107. Gave the "malaise" speech
    Jimmy Carter
  108. Senator was offered a job by the Democratic Party
    Joe Sestak
  109. Beat Abdullah Abdullah in a recent election
    Hamid Karzai
  110. Secretary of War under James Monroe
    John C Calhoun
  111. Challenged John McCain for Senate seat
    J.D. Hayworth
  112. Common symptom of this disease is the bullseye rash
    Lyme Disease
  113. Led a coup in Liberia
    Samuel Doe
  114. Current leader of Liberia
    Ellen Sirleaf
  115. Matthew Henson planted the flag at the North Pole with this guy
    Robert Peary
  116. Led a rebellion that overthrew the Ming
    Li Zicheng
  117. February 26th incident was during this guy's term as prime minister
    Hideki Tojo
  118. Only battle Charles Martel lost
    Battle of Cologne
  119. Lost battle of Tours
    Abdul Rahman
  120. Rifle corps in the Battle of Tippecanoe
    Yellow Jackets
  121. Mount Catherina is the highest point of…
  122. There was a coup against Prince Paul in this country
  123. Financial incident during Ulysses S. Grant's presidency
    Sanborn Incident
  124. Elephant Island is off the coast of…
  125. Fought in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War
    Duke of Wellington
  126. Won the Battle of Bussaco
    Duke of Wellington
  127. Related to the Ancient Order of the Hibernians
    Molly Maguire
  128. Franklin B. Gowen prosecuted this group
    Molly Maguires
  129. PLOD1 gene helps code for this protein
  130. Military junta in Ethiopia
  131. Mengistu led this junta in Ethiopia
  132. Official title of Hu Jintao
    Paramount Leader
  133. Hannibal advised this king
    Antiochus III
  134. Israeli Parliament
  135. Last chancellor of West Germany
    Helmut Kohl
  136. Home of FDR's retreat
    Campobello Island
  137. Campobello Island is owned by this province
    New Brunswick
  138. The 12th Imam will come to earth as this figure
  139. Which is the larger Muslim sect?
  140. Made a justice along with William Rehnquist
    Lewis Powell
  141. Wrote one book narrated by Constantin Constantinus
    Soren Kierkegaard
  142. Repetition
    Soren Kierkegaard
  143. Sermersuaq is this island's ice sheet
  144. James Garfield was Secretary of the Interior to…
    Teddy Roosevelt
  145. Hired Charles Bonaparte to his cabinet
    Teddy Roosevelt
  146. Governor of Pennsylvania during the Homestead Strike
    Robert Pattinson
  147. Won Battle of Halicarnassus
    Alexander the Great
  148. Had an affair with Jon Edwards
    Rielle Hunter
  149. Current Prime Minister of Ireland
    Brian Cowen
  150. Created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  151. First female Secretary of State
    Madeline Albright
  152. 9 year killed by Jared Lee Loughner
    Christina Taylor Green
  153. Other name of Shi Huangdi
    Ying Zheng
  154. Minister of Shi Hunagdi
    Yi Si
  155. All non-practical books were burned during this dynasty
  156. Cape Scott is the northern tip of
    Vancouver Island
  157. Notes on the State of Virginia
    Thomas Jefferson
  158. Tassili n'Ajjer Highlands are in…
  159. Argentinian overthrown after the Falklands War
    Leopoldo Galtieri
  160. Worked with the Utes and represented them in Congress
    Kit Carson
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