"Computers in the Med. Off."--*EXAM-PREP* QUIZ #II

  1. When a new pt. telephones for
    an app’t, what type of info. is gathered during the call???
    • a.) Referral #
    • b.) Pre/Auth. #
    • c.) Pt’s D.O.B
    • d.) Pt’s Current Med
  2. A transaction 4 a pt seen by a phys. in a Skilled Nursing Facility {NFS} uses the POS{Place of Service}code???
    • a.) 11
    • b.) 21
    • c.) 31
    • d.) 33
  3. Which daily log lists procedures performed, grouped by pt???
    • a.) Practice Day Sheet
    • b.) Proc Code Day Sheet
    • c.) Pt. Day Sheet
    • d.) Pt. Statement
  4. The Standard Healthcare Inc, PPO Health plan covers what % of allowed services???.
    • a.) 100%
    • b.) 90%
    • c) 80%
    • d) 70%
  5. The policyholders co/ins. amt 4 the BCBS of Ohio Fee-For-Service Plan is:
    • a) 20%
    • b) 30%
    • c) 25%
    • d) 75%
  6. The co/pay’t amt for “Tricare” is???
    • a) $ 5.00
    • b) $ 8.25
    • c) $ 10.00
    • d) $ 12.00
  7. A Medicare Advance
    Beneficiary Notice of non/coverage {ABN} is used for “excluded” services only.
  8. Polaris Medical Group defines a F/T employee as someone who works @ least 40 hrs p/w & who has worked more than 3 mo.
  9. Absences that have been pre/approved by the practice manager are considered excused absences.
  10. The 1st step an employee takes @ PMG is when he or she has a grievance is to “submit a written
    statement” describing the problem 2 the prac. Manager.
  11. Federal legislation that requires employers 2 provide continartion of a Group Health Plan to terminated
    employees for a period of up to eighteen months is known as COBRA.
  12. Calls from pt’s concerning billing inquiries should be routed to the Practice Manager.
  13. Under HIPAA, the legal importance of protecting pt info varies depending on the format it’s in – verbal, written, or electronic.
  14. The CDC is responsible 4 approving the Universal Precaution techniques used by health care workers.
  15. Workers Comp. ins covers medical services as well as providing benefits for lost wages & permanent disabilities.
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