"Computers in the Med. Off."--*EXAM-PREP* QUIZ #I

  1. An internist specializes in treating:
    • a)Pt’s of all ages
    • b) Adults
    • c) Diseases of the organs
    • d) Families
  2. Phys’sresponsible for overseeing pt’s overall health care & for referring pt’s 2specialists are known as:
    • a) Family Practitioners
    • b) Primary CarePhys’s
    • c) Internists
    • d) Family Care Phys’s
  3. Which of the foll is generally not part
    of a pt’s medical record???
    • a) Ins. Correspondence
    • b) Chart Notes
    • c) Pt Info Form
    • d) Remittance Advice{RA}
  4. The HIPAA security standards are divided into what 3 Categories???
    • a) Electronic, Paper, & Oral
    • b) Internet, PHI, & Networks
    • c) Confidentiality, Integrity, & Availability
    • d) Administrative, Physical, & Technical
  5. The O in SOAP refers to:
    • a) Obstetrical
    • b) Observation
    • c) Objective
    • d) Ordinary
  6. Whichof the foll is not considered a general responsibility of all employees @ PMG???
    • a) Organize & prioritize their workloads in an efficient
    • manner.
    • b) Seek the advice of a supervisor when the correct course of action isn’t clear.
    • c) Update diagnosis & procedure codes in the practice’s database.
    • d) Maintain neat & legible procedure codes in the practice’s database.
  7. Mechanical records can’t be released under any circumstances w/out the written consent of
    the pt.
  8. Any medical off. employee who works w/a pt’s med record is responsible for
    safeguarding the pt’s privacy & confidentiality.
  9. Passwords & Firewalls are examples of administrative safeguards used to protect electronic health info.
  10. The NPI is a unique identifier tht is used to identify the pt’s employer on health care claims & other HIPAA transactions.
  11. Every entry in a med rec’d must have the signature or initials of the responsible provider & the date.
  12. A new pt should be asked to complete a pt info form during the 1st visit 2 the off.
  13. The HITECH Act guides the use of federal stimulus money to make health care settings more eco-friendly.
  14. At the conclusion of a pt’s off visit, the PSS collects the payment or co/pay from the pt & records this info on the encounter form.
  15. At Polaris Medical Group, the PSS begins sending out collection letters when payments are 30 days past due.
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