Immuno B-cells #14-15.txt

  1. What is the first signal for B-cell maturation?
  2. In a lymph node, where do the T-cells reside and B-cells reside?
    • T-cells: parafollicular level
    • B-cells: lymphoid follicle (outside edge)
  3. What is the second activation signal of B-cells?
    • B-cell to T-cell binding
    • * CD40 to CD40L (CD154) ligand on T-cell
    • * TH cytokines
  4. What is the difference b/t a short and long-lived plasma cells when it comes to Ig?
    • Short lived: produces IgM
    • Long Lived: migrates to Bone marrow and gut where it produces IgA and IgG
  5. How does a plasma cell become a memory cell?
    Pass through affinity maturation
  6. What mediates affinity maturation?
    CD40 L (CD154) from T-cells
  7. What causes class switching of Ab's in B-cells?
    Cytokines released from T-cells when it is recognized that there is poor CD40-CD40 (CD154) binding
  8. What Ab's does a memory cell express?
    • mIgG, mIgA, mIgE
    • **Only naive (mature) B-cells express IgM and IgD
  9. What is the predominate Ab after affinity maturation?
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