Word Wisdom

  1. Aboriginal- We studied aboriginal cultures.
    Existing from the beginning; relating to aborigines.
  2. Aborigine- The aborigines of Australia were hunters.
    A member of the first people to live in an area.
  3. Acquaint- My father acquainted me with cooking skills.
    To make something known; to inform.
  4. Acquaintance- She is a recent acquaintance of mine.
    A person one knows.
  5. Advocate- John is a strong advocate of animal rights.
    A supporter or defender.
  6. Advocate- The advocate was in law school for longer than 72 hours.
    A person who practices law.
  7. Advocate- Amy advocates new laws for the protection of the environment.
    To be in favor of something.
  8. Affliction- His affliction made walking difficult.
    Pain or discomfort.
  9. Affliction- Smallpox was a deadly affliction.
    Something CAUSING pain or discomfort.
  10. Aggravate- Scratching the sore will aggravate it.
    To make something worse than it was.
  11. Aggravate- Interruptions aggravate me when I'm working.
    To annoy; to irritate.
  12. Alienate- His rude behavior alienated many people.
    To cause to be unfriendly.
  13. Alliance- Our country has an alliance with the United Kingdom.
    An agreement formed between people, organizations, or countries.
  14. Ally- Political figures usually ally themselves with a political party.
    To unite for a purpose; to support.
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