BIO CH> 12

  1. Blood flows through a network of______,______,_______
    arteries, capillaries, and veins
  2. What are arteries?
    • -carry blood away from heart
    • -they get smaller the further away from the heart they are( arterial, capillaries)
  3. What are Capillaries?
    • -smallest of blood vessels
    • -form networks called capillary beds

  4. What are Capillary beds?
    • Gas exchange
    • O2 picks up CO2
    • Not all capillaries are filled with blood at once
    • Sphincters regulate the blood in the capillaries
  5. Veins?
    • Return blood to heart
    • Walls are thinner than arteries
    • 1)have valves
    • 2)contraction of skeletal muscle
    • 3)breathing pressure changes (high to low)
  6. Contraction of the heart is known as _____________
  7. Relaxation of the heart is__________
  8. Heart beasts on its own w/o outside stimulation is___________________
  9. High Blood Pressure/ Hypertension
    • heart is over worked
    • High risk:
    • ~salt
    • ~prolonged stress
    • ~genetics
  10. Atherosclerosis
    • build up of fatty deposits
    • causing inflamitory respones
    • then coronary artery disease
    • then myocardial infraction
  11. Myocardial Infraction
    Heart Attack

    Treatments are angioplasty and Coronary Bypass
  12. Capillaries
    • a. carry blood away from the heart.
    • b. return blood to the heart.
    • c. are the vessels that directly exchange materials with the body’s cells.
    • d. contain three distinct layers: an inner endothelium, a middle muscular layer, and an outer layer of connective tissue.
    • e. are more than one of the above.
  13. Which chamber of the heart would you expect to be the most powerful?
    • a. Right atrium
    • b. Right ventricle
    • c. Left atrium
    • d. Left ventricle
    • e. They should all be equally powerful.
  14. Blood in the left atrium
    • a. is high in CO2 and O2.
    • b. is high in CO2 and low in O2.
    • c. is high in O2 and low in CO2.
    • d. is low in CO2 and O2.
    • e. contains neither O2 nor CO2.
  15. The semilunar valves prevent the backflow of blood from the
    • a. arteries to the ventricles.
    • b. veins to the atria.
    • c. ventricles to the atria.
    • d. arteries to the atria.
    • e. arteries to the veins.
  16. When the heart beats, the electrical signals travel through the heart in which of the following orders?
    • a. SA node  AV bundles  AV node  Purkinje fibers
    • b. AV bundles  Purkinje fibers  AV node  SA node
    • c. AV node SA node  AV bundles  Purkinje fibers
    • d. Purkinje fibers  SA node  AV node  AV bundles
    • e. SA node  AV node  AV bundles  Purkinje fibers
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