1. What is melting?
    Melting- (somtimes called fusion) Is a physical prowess that reasults in the phases change of a solid to a liquid
  2. What is freezing?
    Freezing-is the prosses in which a liquid turns into a solid when the atmosphere is cold enough
  3. What is evaporation?
    Evaporation- is the vaporization of a liquid and the reverce of condensation
  4. What is sublimation?
    Sublimation- is the change from a solid to a gas while at NO point becoming a liquid
  5. What is a solid?
    Solid- a solid is an object that is hard and it's molacules can't move around, they just vibrate. A solid also has a fixed volume and shape
  6. What is a liquid?
    Liquid- a liquid is an in between state of matter, liquid is somthing that can fill up a container and take the shape of it. A liquid had a fixed volume but not shape
  7. What is gas?
    Gas- gas is everywhere the atmosphere is one huge layer of gas. Gases atoms are really spreadout which causes them to very active and move around constintly
  8. What is deposition?
    Deposition- is the setting of particles of a solution. It is a growth of a new phase
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