Metabolism During Exercise

  1. When ATP is used in the process what is always lost?
  2. At rest what makes creatine phosphate?
    ATP and Creatine
  3. During Activity creatine phosphate is broken down to?
    ATP and Creatine
  4. Lactic Acid build up causes?
    • decrease in ph
    • causes muscle pain/burning
    • fatigue
  5. What is the Cori cycle?
    Muscle releases Lactic Acid into liver then filters it, converts it to glucose.
  6. Anaerobic excercise is?
    • Strength and agilitys
    • split seconds of power

    ex: tennis serve, lefting weights, burst of speed
  7. Aerobic excercise is?
    • endurance,
    • low and moderate entensity over a long duration
    • dependent more on fat

    ex: long swim, hiking, jogging
  8. 3 major things that influence ATP for longer periods of time are?
    • 1. what is available from the diet
    • 2. the intensity and duration of avtivity
    • 3. degree in which body is conditioned to perform.
  9. The more glycogen a muscle can store the longer the store will do what?
    will last during exercise which influences performance.
  10. high amounts of carbs =
    influence endurance
  11. high glycogen stores =
    better performance
  12. 1st 20 minutes of exercise uses?
    after that it uses?
    • - glycogen
    • - fat
  13. Intense activity glycogen is used up?
  14. How long glycogen stores will last depends on what?
    Not only diet but the activity
  15. Whats "hitting the wall"?
    physical exertion becomes nearly impossible.

    after a few hours of strenuous activity (aerobic) glycogen gets depleted.

    happens to marathon runners
  16. How to maximize Glucose supply/
    • - During last stages of endurance activity glucose consumed during the event goes from G1 to muscles providing needed glucose.
    • - eating w/in 15 min. accelerates glycogen. high glycemic foods are better
  17. how do you do carbohydrate loading?
    • get glycogen stores as high as possible
    • eat little carbs

    • do not want to do this often can cause anhythmias
    • maybe do it 2-4 times a year
  18. Body fat utilization is very important during aerobic exercise because?
    it provides a lot of energy.
  19. What are the activity effects on
    over 20 minutes

    higher less fat will be used

    allows body to adapt. and use more fat. you get more mitocondria out of this.
  20. Ergogenic aids are?
    Substances or devices that enhance energy production, use or recovery and provide athletes with a competitive advantage.
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