Genetic Engineering

  1. Genetic Engineering (definition)
    Manipulation of genes
  2. Gene Cloning
    "Identical copies of a gene"
  3. Recombinate DNA (Gene Cloning)
    • "Mixing up" DNA from one source with DNA from another.
    • *Must have a vector
    • 1st: vector-Bacteria / Target Gene
    • 2nd: insert target gene into vector
    • 3rd: bacteria replaicates--copies of gene
    • 4th: extract gene or protein
  4. Benefits of Gene Cloning
    • Mass production of:
    • vaccines
    • insulin
    • EPO to prevent anemia
    • Factor 8
    • GMO- aquired genes through artificial means (BST cows)
    • Transgenic- source of gene is different species (ex. flavor savr tomato)
  5. Therapeutic Cloning
    to repair damaged or diseased organs (ex. pancreatic cells to produce Insulin)
  6. Reproductive Cloning
    Image Upload 2
  7. "Gene"
    Segment of DNA
  8. "Character"
    Any feature that is heritable (can be transferred from parent to offspring)
  9. "Allele"
    Alternative version of a gene
  10. "Dominant Allele"
    Only one copy needed for expression (capital H)
  11. "Recessive Allele"
    Need 2 copies for expression (lower case h)
  12. "Homozygous"
    2 copies of same allele
  13. "Heterozygous"
    2 different copies of allele
  14. "Genotype"
    Set of alleles for gene
  15. "Phenotype"
    Physical characteristics (based upon genotype)
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