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  1. Abash (v)
    to emabarass
  2. Abberation (n)
    abnormality; departure from the norm; mental irregularity or disorder
  3. Abet (v)
    to assist, usually in doing something wrong
  4. Abhor (v)
    to detest; hate
  5. Abject (adj)
    wretched; lacking pride
  6. Ablution (n)
  7. Abnegation (n)
    renunciation; self-sacrifice
  8. Abominate (v)
    to loathe; hate
  9. Abortive (adj)
    Unsuccessful; fruitless
  10. Abrogate (v)
    to abolish
  11. Abcission (n)
    removal by cutting off
  12. Abstruse (adj)
    obscure; profound; difficult to understand
  13. Accede (v)
    to agree
  14. Acclivity (n)
    sharp upslope of a hill
  15. Accord (n)
  16. Accost (v)
    to apprach and speak first to a person
  17. Accoutre (v)
    to equip
  18. Acerbic (adj)
    bitter or sour in nature; sharp and cutting
  19. Acerbity (n)
    bittterness in speech and termper
  20. Acetic (adj)
  21. acquiesce (v)
    to agree passively; assent
  22. Acrid (adj)
    sharp; bitterly pungent
  23. Acrimonious (adj)
    bitter in words or manner
  24. Actuarial (adj)
    calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
  25. Actuate (v)
    to motivate
  26. Acumen (n)
    mental keeness
  27. Addle (v)
    to muddle; drive crazy; become rotten
  28. Adjuration (n)
    solemn urging
  29. Adjutant (n)
    staff officer assissting the commander; assisstant
  30. Admonish (v)
    to warn; reprove
  31. Adroit (adj)
  32. Advert (v)
    to refer (to)
  33. Aegis (n)
    shield; defense
  34. Affable (adj)
    easily approachable; warmly friendly
  35. Affidavit (n)
    written statement made under oath
  36. Affront (n)
    insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect
  37. Agape (adj)
  38. Agglomeration (n)
    collection; heap
  39. Agog (adj)
    highly excited
  40. Allay (v)
    calm, pacify
  41. Alimentary (adj)
    supplying nourishment
  42. Allege (v)
    state without proof
  43. Alluvial (adj)
    pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
  44. Aloof (adj)
    apart; reserved
  45. Aloft (adv)
  46. Ambivalence (n)
    the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes
  47. Amenable (adj)
    readily managed or willing to be led
  48. Amok/Amuck (adv)
    in a state of rage
  49. Anathema (n)
    solemn curse
  50. Animadversion (n)
    critical remark
  51. Animus (n)
    hostile feeling or intent
  52. Anneal (v)
    reduce brittleness and improve toughness by heating and cooling
  53. Annul (v)
    to make void
  54. anoint (v)
  55. Antedilluvian (adj)
    antiquated; extremely ancient
  56. Anthology (n)
    book of literary selection by various authors
  57. Aphorism (n)
    pithy maxim or saying
  58. Apiary (n)
    where bees are kept
  59. Aplomb (n)
    poise; assurance
  60. Apogee (n)
    highest point
  61. Apothecary (n)
    druggist; hustla
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