Master Training Specialist (MTS)

  1. Describe the "A", "C", and "F" type courses of instruction.
    • A- Provides basic knowlegde skills required rating entry level performance
    • B- Provides advanced specialized skill, knowledge, aptutide, qualification training required particular billet
    • C- Provides individual functional skill rating specific training required Fleet or Typr Commander
  2. Discuss the Academic Review Board (ARB) process.
    ARBs will convened other means of academic counseling, remediation, initial setback failed to improve student performance
  3. Examples of ARBs.
    • 1. Student course avarage fall below minimum passing grade
    • 2. student unable achieve objectives after counseling, remediation, retesting, and inintial academic setback
    • 3. Student performance below expected academic progress
    • 4. Student fails achieve objective after academic setback same objectives
  4. Discuss test failure policies and associated grading criteria within your learning enviroment.
    Student will be assigned minimum passing grade for retested material
  5. Discuss the student critique within your learning enviroment.
    Student critique program provide feedback to training and course managers areas such training and cirrucilum effectiveness. instructor performance, safety, and quality of life issues
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Master Training Specialist (MTS)
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