US History

  1. Chapter 25 Global Crisis
    Nations with struggling economic turn to Totalitarianism(one person who has full control of a nation)
    • Totalitarianism
    • Germany (Nazi+Hitler)
    • Italy (Facist+Mussolini)
    • Japan (Military+Hirohito)
  2. U.S foreign policy grows increasingly isolationist
    1921-Disarmament Treaty
  3. 1929-Kellogg Briand Pact(no longer use war to settle disputes)
    1931-Japan invades Manchuria and then the rest of China
  4. U.S. and the league of nations
    -condemed attack
    -quarantined(no longer traded) Japan
    -had no real effect
    -US begin suppling China
    1935-Italy invade Ethopia-little international intervention
  5. British and French try to maintain power balance in Ethopia through the Appeasement Policy!
    Nazi Soviet Nonaggression Pact
  6. Sept.1,1939-Germans invade Poland during the year of 1939-Germany blitzkreig controls Europe
    US begins Cash & Carry Policy
  7. 1940-France invaded by Germany and defeated
    • British holding on during Battle of Britian
    • -Lend Lease Act
  8. World War 2
    Dec,7,1941-Japanse attack American naval fleet at Pearl Harbor
  9. May & June 1942-US ends Japanse expansionism-Coral Sea Midway
    -has underetimated US resolve
    -military industy didnt destroy US carriers
    August 1942-US begins "island hopping" campaign at Guadalcanal
  10. War At Home
    -Ended the Great Depression-Spending increased
    -Gross National Product= 166 Billion
    -women and elderly work
    -wages doubled
    -Office of Price Administration-control inflation
    -rations necessary products
    -payed for by-increased income tax
    -war bands
    • -America unfied by propaganda
    • -Prejudice and fear of sabotage led to Japanese Internment
    • -War recloation authority placed 100,000 Japanese Americans in international camps
  11. 1945-these people released but had lost everything
    1988-US Congress officially apologized
  12. World War 2 in Europe
    • 1942-Russians holding back Germans at Stalinggrad and Leingrad
    • -Anglo-Americans troops attack Germans and Italians in North africa
  13. 1942-1945-Allies begin a massive bombing campaign
    -eliminate supply lines
    -destroy morale(dresden-80,000 killed) firebombing
    1943-Allies capture Africa and invade Italy
  14. Russians counterattack through Eastern Europe
    1944-D Day(June 6) Ally invasion of Fance which is liberated
  15. 1945-Soviet forces enter Berlin(Apil 30) Hitler commits sucicide
    May 7, 1945-Victory in Eurpoe Day (VED)
  16. Allies
    -Great Britian
    • Axis
    • -Germany
    • -Italy
    • -Japan
  17. Holocaust-Nazi system extermination of undesirable people(approx. 10 million killed and half are Jews)
    -by 1942 US govt. knows this is happening
    -seen as a world moral failure(st.louis incident)
    Soveit- Americans tension mount with the fall of Nazi Germany
  18. Yalta-Agreed- cooperate on Japan
    -form the United Nations
    -didnt agree on- Germany,Poland
    April 12th- the chance for cooperation dies with the death of FDR
  19. Truman becomes president
    Poland becomes communist
  20. Fall of Japan
    • By 1945- Japanses resisitance stiffed as US approached Japan-Iwo Jima(40,000)
    • -Okinawa(kamikazes)
  21. US begins massive forebombing campaign against Japan-Emperor Hirohito starts asking for peace
    Manhattan Project-top secret US progam to develop a nuclear weapon(J.Robert Openheimes)
  22. July 16,1945-Successful test detonation( Alamogordo, N.M.)
    -controversary errupted over using the weapon
    Aug 6, 1945- a bomb dropped on HIROSHIMA(80,000)
  23. Aug 8,1945-Soviets attack Japanse in China
    Aug 9 1945- A bomb on Nagaski
  24. Aug 14,1945-Victory in Japan Day
  25. Chapter 27 Cold War
    • The nation of China becomes communist under Mao Zedong
    • -US rebuilds Japan as an alley "containment policy"-stop sread of communism through economics and military
    • -Truman Doctrine-economics support the non communist
    • -Greece and Turkey
    • -Marshall Plan(1947)-13 billion to rebuild Europe
    • -Soviets refuse aid
    • -1948 Czechoslovikia bcomes solidly communist
    • -US does prevent the spread of communism but no total victory
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