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  1. What are the 4 PMI-favored mindsets for a PM's professional responsibility?
    • PM should be a leader
    • Deal with issues directly
    • Act ethically and legally
    • Be open and up front
  2. To whom does the PMI code of ethics apply?
    • All PMI Members
    • Non-members who either:
    • - Hold a PMI certification
    • - Apply for a PMI certification process
    • - Server as a PMI volunteer
  3. What are the four values of the PMI code?
    • Responsibility
    • Respect
    • Fairness
    • Honesty
  4. What are the 5 aspirational standards of Responsibility?
    • Best interests of society, public safety, and environment
    • We don't take assignments we can't deliver
    • We do what we say we'll do
    • We own our mistakes
    • We protect confidential info
  5. What are the 5 mandatory standards of Responsibility?
    • We uphold laws and rules
    • We report unethical & illegal behavior
    • We surface ethics violations of this code to the appropriate body
    • We only file fact-substantiated ethics complaints
    • We discipline anyone retaliating against those who report ethics complaints
  6. What are the 4 aspirational standards of Respect?
    • Learn and respect other cultures
    • Listen to other points of view
    • Approach others directly that we disagree with
    • Be professional
  7. What are the 4 mandatory standards of Respect?
    • Negotiate in good faith
    • Don't use our expertise or position to influence decisions in our favor
    • Don't be abusive to others
    • Repect property of others
  8. What are the 4 aspirational standards of Fairness?
    • Transparency in our decision making
    • Constantly reexamine our impartiality and objectivity
    • Provide equal access to information (to those authorized to see it)
    • Provide equal opportunities to qualified candidates
  9. What are the 5 mandatory standards of Fairness?
    • Proactively disclose conflicts of interest to stakeholders
    • Refrain from decision-making until conflict of interest is disclosed
    • No hire/fire, reward/punish, award/deny based on personal considerations
    • No discrimination - age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc
    • We apply rules of the organization without favoritism
  10. What are the 5 aspirational standards of Honesty?
    • Seek to understand the truth
    • Be truthful in our communication and conduct
    • Provide accurate info in a timely manner
    • Make commitments, implied or explicit, in good faith
    • Create an environment where others feel safe to tell the truth
  11. What are the 2 mandatory standards of Honesty?
    • We don't deceive or mislead
    • We don't engage in dishonest behavior for personal gain
  12. When faced with a choice between violating an ethical standard or a cultural one, which is right?
    Always uphold ethical and legal standards BEFORE cultural standards
  13. What does PMI expect of PMP's with regard to the PM profession?
    Stay engaged and further the profession
  14. How should stakeholder conflicts be resolved?
    In favor of the customer
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