child development test 1

  1. What was the John Locke viewpoint on child development?
    Tablarosa- blank slate concept
  2. What was Rosseau's theory on child development?
    Children are born with an inate sense of justice and reality
  3. What is the difference between nature vs nuture
    • Nature: factors born with
    • Nuture: Experience
  4. What is the maturation theory?
    Development reflects the natural unfolding of a pre-arranged biological fan
  5. What is development determined by (biological theory)
    Biological forces
  6. What is evolutionary theory?
    Many behaviors are viewed as adaptive because they have survival value
  7. What is development determined by (psychodynamic perspective)
    How a child resolves conflicts at different ages
  8. What are the 3 components of personality according to Freud?
    ID, Ego, Superego
  9. What did early learning theories emphasize?
    Expirience in development
  10. What did BF Skinner Study?
    Operant conditioning (reinforcement and punishment
  11. What did Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory Claim?
    Children's sense of self efficacy influences influences their behavior
  12. What is Jean Piaget's cognitive developmental prospective?
    Four stage sequence that characterizes a childrens prospective of the world
  13. What did Lev Vygotsky believe? (adults vs children)
    Adults convey beliefds customs and skills of their culture to children
  14. What did Urie Bronfenbrenner beleive about child development?
    development is embedded in a series of complex and interactive systems
  15. What is the difference between valid and reliable research?
    • Valid: correctness
    • Reliable: Same results when repeated
  16. What are correlational studies?
    Look at relations as they exist in the real world
  17. What is a longitudinal Study?
    The same induviduals are tested repeatedly
  18. What is a cross sectional study?
    children of different ages are tested
  19. What are the 1st 22 chromosones called
  20. What is the 23rd pair of chromosones called?
    Sex chromosones
  21. What is genotype?
    Ones complete set of genes
  22. What is phenotype?
    Ones physical, behavioral, and psychological features
  23. What is a dominant allele?
    Chemical instructions are followed
  24. What is a resessive allelle?
    Chemical instructions are ignored
  25. What is PKU
    an Inherited disorder
  26. What is down syndrone?
    Extra 21st chromosone
  27. What can a genotype lead to depending on enviorment
    A variety of phenotypes
  28. What is niche picking?
    Actively seek enviorments related to genes
  29. What is the period of the zygote?
    Egg is fertilized
  30. What is the period of the embryo?
    3-8 weeks, body parts are formed
  31. What is the period of the fetus
    9 weeks to birth- increase in size and systems
  32. What is the age of viability?
    22-28 weeks
  33. What are the 4 principals of teratogens?
    • Teratogens are most apt to cause major structural damage during the embryonic
    • period, the greatest time of organ formation.
    • Teratogens can effect the developing brain throughout pregnancy.
    • Teratogens operate in a dose-response relationship, but we do not know where
    • that threshold lies, so it is better to err on the side of caution and stay away
    • from teratogens during pregnancy.
    • Teratogens may exert their influence long after exposure.
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