The Ear

  1. Judgement of the direction of sound is more
    accurate with two ears than with one.
  2. Ear drum
    passes the sound waves through to the middle ear bones
  3. middle ear bones
    amplify and pass the sound vibrations through to the cochlea
  4. cochlea
    converts movement energy of the vibrations into nerve impulses
  5. auditory nerve
    carries nerve impulses from the cochlea to the brain
  6. semi-circular canals
    help us with balance
  7. There are three fluid filled semi-circular canals arranged at _____ ______ to each other
    right angles
  8. Each canal contains _______ ____ which produce nerve impulses when the fluid is moved.
    receptor cells
  9. There is one canal to receive information about each type of head movement, that is:
    • side to side movement
    • nodding movement
    • turning movement.
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The Ear
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