The Eye

  1. The judgement of distance is
    more accurate with two eyes than with one.
  2. When we look at an object, each eye sees a slightly different image. This is called ___________ ______. The brain joins the two images together to produce a __ picture. This helps us to judge distance __________.
    • binocular vision
    • 3D
    • accurately
  3. Cornea
    is transparent to allow light to enter and begins to bring it to focus the light
  4. iris
    controls the amount of light entering the eye by controlling the size of the pupil
  5. lens
    brings light to a focus on the retina at the back of the eye
  6. retina
    converts light energy into nerve impulses
  7. optic nerve
    carries the nerve impulses from the retina to the brain
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The Eye
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