1. Preservative embalming chemicals
    chemicals wich inactivate saprophytic bacteria, render unsuitable for nutrition the media upon which such bacteria thrive and which will arrest decomposition by altering the enzymes of the body as well as converting the decomposable tissues into a form much less susceptible to decomposition
  2. Bleaches
    Embalming chemicals which are used on discolored areas of the body and are intended to remove the discolorations or at least lessen the intensity of the discoloration
  3. Disinfectant chemicals
    embalming chemicals wich are used to destroy or inhibit most pathogenic bacteria and their products in or on the body, prepartion room, instruments, as well as the individual performing embalming operation.
  4. Sealers
    A compound used to provide a barrier or seal against any type of leakage of fluid or blood
  5. Sealers: External
    Usually liquids, sprays, or creams used by coating over sutured incisions
  6. Sealers: Internal
    Powders, liquids, sprays, and creams used by coating over raw incisions, wounds, in cavities or on pinpoint leakage.
  7. Soaps
    A compound, usually of a disinfectant nature, used to effectively clean the remains and for post-procedure (terminal) disinfection by the operator
  8. Solvents
    The part of a solution that is always the greater amount and the medium in which the solute is dissolved; chemicals which are used in the preparation room to remove the stains from the body, a cleanser for cosmetic brushes, a spot remover and a thinning agent
  9. Cotton
    Preparation Room supply that is used for cotton swabs, as a padding material, etc. There are 2 different types used- rolled and towel form.
  10. Tubing
    preparation room equipment which is used with the embalming machine, aspiration procedures, water hoses, etc. It is available in rubber and plastic form
  11. Eyecaps
    A preparation room item which is placed between the eyelids and the eyes of the deceased to keep the eyelids closed and to give them their natural contour.
  12. Calvarium Clamps
    A device used as a means of fastening the calvarium after a cranial autopsy
  13. Trocar Buttons
    Preparation room item which is inserted into trocar punctures.
  14. Mouth Formers
    Preparation room supplies which are used to support the lips and give the deceased's mouth a normal contour when the deceased does not have natural teeth or dentures.
  15. Plastic goods
    A preparation room supply used to cover particular areas of the body to collect any leakage that may occur.
  16. Sutur/Ligature
    Preparation room item used with suturing needles to suture cuts and incisions
  17. Injector Needles
    A preparation aid used in mouth closure. It is inserted into a needle injector and forced into the mandible and maxilla
  18. Adhesives
    A) A material used to close incisions and wounds B) Works especially well on jagged tears in the skin
  19. Lip and lid cement
    preparation room materials used on cases where the lips and/or eyelids are difficult to close properly.
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