APUSH study cards, Clinton - present

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    • Invasion of Afghanistan (2002)
    • Overthrouw of the Taliban, in search of Osama bi Laden
  1. Clinton impeachment (1997)
    Helped approval rating, not removed from office despite all the efforts of Republican congressmen
  2. "Contract with America" (1994)
    Newt Gingrich (Republican congressman) planned for success of Republican party in upcoming election by pledging tax cuts, congresssional terms limits, tougher crime laws, balanced budget amendment, popular reforms
  3. North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA (1994)
    Established free trade zones between Canada, United States and Mexico, net gain in jobs due to opening of Mexican markets
  4. Gulf War, "Operation: Desert Storm" (1991)
    Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait despite peace treaty and refusal to abandon Iraqi occupation
  5. Reaganomics
    capitalism would become productive when uninhibited by taxes and regulation
  6. "Graying of America"
    Economica recession (collapse of saving-and-loan industry, increasing deficit due to Reagan tax cuts, retail decreased, higher crime rate)
  7. Fall of Soviet Union (1991)
    Gorbachev decreased nuclear arsenal, Communist Party lost power, Boris Yeltsin (president of Russian Republic) led Muscovites to take control
  8. Energy Crisis, OPEC
    Increased already high rate of inflation by quadrupling the price of crude oil
  9. Soviet invasion of Afganistan
    Despite CIA -sponsored Soviet resistance, Afganistan taken by Soviet Union; ended d├ętente between USSR and US
  10. Watergate Scandal
    • Despite near guaranteed second term, campaign workers burglarized Democratic offices, cover-up unsuccessful, resigned to avoid impeachment
    • Nixon pardoned Ford to get the country focused on more important matters
  11. Iran Hostage Crisis, 1979
    American hostages taken by US-hating Shiites upon Shah's fight from uprising, botched rescue attempts
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