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  1. the temerature of lettuce upon delivery must be at or below?
  2. how long should items soak in the sanitizer solution?
    at least 1 minute
  3. how often should the pryometer be tested
    once a day
  4. what is the lower and upper temperature of the mcnuggets
    200 on to and bottom
  5. what can happen if cases of beef are stacked against the inside freezer wall
    the patties can become temp. abused
  6. start point for 10:1 patties
    38 seconds
  7. minimum required internal temp for cooked round egg
  8. maximum holding time for sausage patties in the uhc
    60 minutes
  9. maximum time leaf lettuce can be held
    2 hours
  10. temp range for heated prep table
    120 to 130
  11. role of the chaser
    to act as a secondary asembler
  12. warm up time for prep table
    15 minutes
  13. cooked strip bacon has wut time?
    5 hours 4 hours
  14. cheddar jack cheese should be how much?
    1 1/2 ounces
  15. parmasean cheese, secondary shelf life
    4 days
  16. sundae toppings secondary shelf life
    7 days
  17. reccomended yield for french fries
  18. maximum internal temp of refrigerated products
  19. correct drawer temperature for carbonated soft drinks
  20. floor should be mopped...
    5 times a day
  21. 4 steps in training method
    prepare, present, try out, follow up
  22. asian vegtable mix has secondary shelf life of?
    3 days
  23. grillside freezers
    beef patties may be held all day
  24. not washing hands breaks...
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