28.6 neurons communicate at synapses

  1. What are synapses and what forms do they come in?
    the regions of communication between a synaptic terminal and another cell

    electrical synapse or electrical
  2. What happens in an electrical synapse?
    Electrical current passes directly from one neuron to the next, the receiving neauron is stimulated and the same action potential passes down
  3. What happens in chemical synapses?
    Action potentials in the form of electrical signals are not trnsmitted from cell to cell. but information is
  4. What do chemical synapses have that eletrical ones do not?
    synaptic clefts
  5. What is a synaptic cleft?
    a narrow gap in an chemical synapse, seperating a synaptic terminal of the sending presynaptic neuron from the receiving
  6. What is the neauro trnsmitter?
    a converstion of electrical signal into a chemical signal
  7. What are the steps for neurons to communicate
    • 1 action potential arrives
    • 2 vesicle fuses with plasma membrane
    • 3 neurotrasmitters are released into synaptic cleft
    • 4 neuorotransmitter binds to receptor
    • 5 ion channel opens,
    • 6 ion channel closes
  8. neaurotrans
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28.6 neurons communicate at synapses
28.6 neurons communicate at synapses