1.3 cells are structural and functional units of life

  1. What level is the cell at?
    where the properties of life emerge
  2. what is the basis ability of cells?
    to give rise to new cells
  3. What is the correlation of structure and function?
    experience shows you that form generally fits function,

    ex the screw driver
  4. What is the goal of systems biology?
    to construct models for the dynamic behvior of the whole biological systems, ranging form the functioning of the biosphere to the complex molecular machines of the cells.
  5. What are the common properties of organisms?


    growth and development

    energy processing

    response to environment


    evolutionary adjusment
  6. What is darwin's theory? and second point?
    evolution, species living today are descendants of ancestral species

    natural selection
  7. What was darwin's observation 1?
    Individual variation

    individuals in a population vary in many heritable traits
  8. What is D O 2?
    Over production of offspring

    a population of any species has the potential to produce far more offspring than will survive to produce their own
  9. What is darwin's inference 1?
    Unequal reproductive success

    individuals are unequal in their likelihood of surviving and reproducing. those ones with heritable traits best suited to the environment will leave the greatest number of healthy fertile offspring
  10. What is Darwin's inference 2?
    Overtime, favorable traits accumulate in a population
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1.3 cells are structural and functional units of life
1.3 cells are structural and functional units of life