April 4 Study Test

  1. Stores and concentrates bile up to 10x it concentration when it leaves the liver
  2. In fat digestion it requires more lipase in the small intestine along with _____________ from the pancreas to get ready for absorption
  3. is blood in the urine
  4. is the surgical removal of the gallbladder
  5. Pigments come from
    Red Blood Cells (RBC)
  6. Has a left and a right lobe. The left represents 1/6 and the right 5/6
  7. Is the last 8 inches of the colon
  8. The last 1 inch of the rectum is the
    Anal canal or anal area
  9. Are mostly cholesterol and are formed when cholesterol levels are too high
  10. are emulsified fat with lecithin around it
  11. Juices in the stomach
  12. When gallbladder is removed gives the
    ____________ a straight shot to the small intestine because it has nowhere to send bile as a storage space
  13. is when the small intestine is absorbing protein molecules causing inflammation or plaguing in arteries
    Leaky Gut Syndrome
  14. Juices in the small intestines
  15. Is the inflammation of the stomach which is usually a precursor to ulcers
  16. Cells are specialized macrophages located in the liver lining the walls of the sinusoids that form part of the reticuloendthelial system (RES) which is also known as mononuclear phaygocyte system
  17. Is referred to any as any inflammation condition of the large intestine
  18. is important because it contains bi-carbonate that assist with neutralize pH
    Pancreatic juice
  19. Is the term for vomiting
  20. cells are capable of absorbing and storing some vitamins; Vitamin A, D, B12, and iron
  21. is the formation of gallstones
  22. is pus in the urine
  23. can be caused by infection or vibration from machinery, poisons, paint thinners, acetone, mercury, lead, and Atherosclerosis (mostly caused by diabetes)
    Renal insufficiency
  24. Units of the liver are called _______________ lobules that contain Kupffer cells
  25. Bile also has the _______________________in it.
    These are chemicals that would normally be harmful but are rendered harmless to the liver which assists in removing from the body.
    detox substances
  26. is glucose in the urine
  27. Urea is the breakdown of amino acids in the liver creating NH3 (ammonia) that is mixed with ________________ which makes it much less toxic than ammonia
  28. contains an artery and a vein. This is the area where you get hemorrhoids
    anal canal
  29. Silent Gallstone are less likely to form if the gallbladder is ____________on a regular basis
  30. In fat digestion after chime is produced it requires more ___________ in the small intestine along with bile from the pancreas to get ready for absorption
  31. Leaky Gut Syndrome is when the small intestine is absorbing ________________ causing inflammation or plaguing in arteries
    protein molecules
  32. is a high energy molecule in the muscles
    Creatine Phosphate
  33. Itch butt syndrome and ______________ are a tear in various parts of the body
  34. it filters the blood and detoxifies chemicals that flow through the it including most pharmaceuticals
  35. When ________________________________ is killed off the candida invades and starts setting up camp
    natural bowel flora
  36. The bladder is followed by the
  37. Liver secretes ______________ and produces a hormone that produces RBC production called erythropoietin
  38. If the digestion process goes to fast in the small intestine the duodenum will release __________________________________ that will slow down the digestion or peristalsis in that area
    gastric inhibitory peptides
  39. Ulcers there are 2 types depending on where they occur;
    gastric and duodenum
  40. which is related to small intestine and means we can’t absorb many of the nutrients we are eating
    Malabsorption Syndrome
  41. when the small intestine is absorbing protein molecules, this would mean the larger molecules could start causing ______________ type inflammatory molecules to be produce which could do damage to arterial walls and cause more plaguing in arteries
  42. Urea is the breakdown of amino acids in the liver creating
    NH3 (ammonia)
  43. can remove old red blood cells
    Phagocytic cells
  44. is painful urination
  45. In protein digestion after Chyme is made it is met on the other side of the small intestine with more
  46. Candida changes_________ of the intestines
  47. RBC production is produced in the liver and the kidneys. This is called
  48. Creatine Phosphate is a high energy molecule in the muscles which would be more common in extreme athletes
  49. Removal of gallbladder may cause more of a _______problem especially if you have eaten more fat
  50. The liver produces a whole bunch of chemicals or molecules that have to do with the immune system which would be the Compliment System by producing
  51. is more serious and acquired by contaminated blood transfer of bodily fluids
    Hepatitis B
  52. Ureters are the tubes from kidneys to the
  53. is unusual amounts of urine
  54. Heme which is part of the hemoglobin is converted into
  55. It then ejects bile when we eat fat
  56. Protein digestion starts in the
  57. IBS, colitis, Malabsorption and thing that cause inflammation of the intestine primarily occur from
  58. Blood enters and exits the kidneys thru ____________ arteries and veins
  59. Urea is the breakdown of ________________ in the liver
    amino acids
  60. Micelles are absorbed in ______________ in the small intestines
  61. Gastritis is inflammation is also referred to as
  62. Carbohydrates digestion starts in the mouth with
  63. which is ejected into the small intestine about every 20 seconds meeting gastric juices from the small intestine
  64. Coming out of the kidneys is the
  65. Protein digestion starts in the stomach with gastric protease called
  66. When candida changes the pH of the intestines food is not breaking down as well because that is part of the job of the
    Natural bowel flora
  67. you can live with for long periods of time
    Hepatitis C
  68. is a scant amount of urine
  69. IBS or irritable bowl syndrome is a ________________________ that can be correlated
    with constipation or diarrhea or both. This can be caused by stress
    spastic colon
  70. kill off our natural bowel flora while trying to kill other bacteria’s or bugs
  71. breaks down carbs when they hit the stomach
    Hydrochloric acid
  72. can be taken orally and are not from stool. They have
    been grown in clean environment and can reestablish bowel flora
  73. means kidney are functioning but not to par
    Renal insufficiency
  74. To produce erythropoietin, maintain water/salt balance (electrolyte balance), removal of metabolic waste, maintains blood pH, and maintain blood pressure and volume are all responsibility of the
  75. is the absence of urination
  76. They are part of lymphatic system so they are phagocytic meaning they will eat up bacteria
    Kupffer cells
  77. swollen prostate
    benign prostatic hyperplasia
  78. consist of bile salts, cholesterol, lecithin (mixes oil with water), and pigments
  79. Fat digestion begins in the stomach with
    hydrochloric acid
  80. are kidney stones
    Renal caliculi
  81. can be mild to life threatening, which is transmitted person-to-person by ingestion of contaminated food or water or through direct contact with an infectious person
    Hepatitis A
  82. Phagocytic cells can remove old red blood cells, this also happens in the
  83. Male urethra is encircled by the ___________________ which creates a problem if they are experiencing BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia which is a swollen prostate
    Prostate Gland
  84. A gallbladder cleanse is designed to flush all gallstones out of gallbladder
    Gallbladder cleanse
  85. Majority of pharmaceuticals are not broken down until they hit the
  86. RBC production called
  87. Further digestion of carbs in the small intestine
    where amylase is secreted from the
  88. Pepsin is combined with hydrochloric acid in the stomach and then becomes part of the ____________ that is squirt into the small intestine
  89. an obstruction in the gallbladder means we are not getting bile ejected into the small intestine would cause
  90. need to be restored if you have been on antibiotics
  91. is protein in the urine
  92. of the liver is development of scar tissue giving less function. This can be caused by chronic alcohol abuse, hepatitis or an infection
  93. bladder means they lose control of urination or voiding
  94. are formed and exits out into the small intestine without pain or problem
    Silent Gallstones
  95. Acid mixes with food in the stomach and is then mixed with gastric juices creating
  96. Protease is produced by the
  97. It also converts vitamin D3 to D2
  98. Women experience more bladder infections because the urethra is
  99. Clean catch would be the _____________ part of urine
  100. mixes oil with water and is produce in the liver and is part of the bile
  101. Bilirubin which is extracted by the ______________ and added to the bile
  102. is inflammation of the urethra
  103. is inflammation of gallbladder
  104. Breakdown of _____________ or larger amino acids for absorption will also be breaking down nucleic acids and DNA
  105. is whole bunch of capillaries
  106. Nephrons are the basic function unit of the
  107. Water/salt balance means more salt in the blood it would increase blood volume causing
    high blood pressure
  108. when dumped almost always 100% is going to be reabsorbed from the proximal tubule
    Glucose Reabsorption
  109. are permeable and have the ability to have thing leaked out and reabsorbed
  110. are regulators. They creates homeostasis
  111. are found in the urine; bacteria, hydrogen ions, pigment, hormones
  112. is the produced by the breakdown of nucleotides
    Uric Acid
  113. balance the kidneys monitor the pH by excreting hydrogen ions (acid) and reabsorb HCO3 (bicarbonate).
  114. comes into kidney bringing blood.
    Renal artery
  115. The capillaries in _____________ are normally single and are only once cell thick and have a lot of pores in them so they can leak things out
    bowman capsule
  116. There are 3 things that affect urine production
    Filtration, Tubular Reabsorption, Tubular Excrete
  117. pH of urine should always be
  118. are other components in the _________; Urea, Uric Acid, Sodium, potassium, chloride ions, sulfate, phosphate, bicarbonate
  119. is the movement out of the nephron and back into the blood, this would be potassium, sodium, water and glucose
    Tubular Reabsorption
  120. Filtered is referred to GFR = Glomerular Filtration
    rate which is determined by
    net pressure
  121. Glucose requires a carrier to get reabsorbed (sodium) back into the
  122. these would be _______________ in urine; glucose, albumin (protein molecule), and blood
  123. starts with movement of water and small solutes (excluding proteins) out of the glomerulus (capillary tuft) and into the capsular space and that that enters
    the nephron
  124. can affect filtration rates
  125. They are insoluble crystals or molecules. If precipitated out as crystals which is most commonly known as gout and usually begins in the big toe. It does not have to stay there; it is capable of moving to other places
    Uric Acid
  126. It branches 5 times and becomes between 5 to 8 capillaries forming the glomerulus. It inserts into Bowman’s capsules
    Renal artery
  127. is the movement out of the nephron and back into the blood, this would be potassium, sodium, water and glucose. Most of those nutrients and water will be reabsorbed into the system
    Tubular Reabsorption
  128. In tubular excretion some nutrients will leave the nephron and will be picked up by the
    peritubluar capillaries
  129. is where molecules leave the peritubluar blood and enter into the tubular for excretion. Some molecules
    move back out of the blood and are reabsorbed back into the nephron
    Tubular excrete
  130. is volume of plasma from which a supstance is removed from the blood by the kidneys per minute
    Renal Clearance
  131. means kidneys are functioning but not to par
    Renal Insufficiency
  132. can be caused by infection, vibration from machinery, poisons, paint thinners, acetone, mercury, lead, and atherosclerosis (mostly caused by diabetes)
    Renal Insufficiency
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